tips to win a schulich leader scholarship

Tips to Win a Schulich Leader Scholarship


Are you ready to pursue your dream as the next big global pioneer in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM)? Engineering scholarships are valued at $100,000 while Science and Math scholarships are valued at $80,000! Schulich Leader Scholarships are awarded to entrepreneurial-minded high school graduates who are enrolling in these programs at 20 partner universities across Canada. These tips may help you win a Schulich Leader Scholarship.

Schulich Leader Scholarships 

Seymour Schulich established this $100+ million scholarship fund to encourage students to become the next generation of entrepreneurial-minded, technology innovators. Schulich Leaders will make game-changing contributions to society because they can devote their full time and attention to their studies. 

STEM Programs

For those of you who are not aware, STEM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Basically, STEM refers to all subjects that fall under these categories. 

Each university offers its own list of eligible programs. Therefore, go to the Schulich Leader Scholarship website and click the icon for the school you wish to attend under the universities section for further information. 

Tips For Applying to Multiple Partner Universities

As a Schulich Leader Nominee, you can apply to any or all of the partner universities where you have submitted admissions applications (or intend to submit an application) to enroll in their eligible STEM program. However, you MUST apply to them before March 1, 2022. 

If a student receives the scholarship offer from more than one partner university, they do not have to accept the first offer. A Schulich Leader Nominee can wait to see if they receive offers from other universities as well. But keep in mind that universities can set an acceptance deadline. If there is a special interest in a specific university, then the student should follow up with them. 

Scholarship funds are non-transferable.

Student Eligibility

Before you think about applying for a Schulich Leader Scholarship, consider the following eligibility requirements: 

  • Graduating high school or Cégep in Canada in the 2021/2022 academic year
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Plan to enrol in an eligible STEM program at one of their partner universities
  • Meet the following criteria:
    • 1. Academic excellence, AND
    • 2. Leadership, charisma and creativity. 
    • Strong consideration will be given o students with financial need.
  • Be entrepreneurial-minded and intend to pursue a career in one or more of the following focus areas:
    • A. Technology;
    • B. Engineering;
    • C. Entrepreneurship and business enterprise;
    • D. Applied scientific research.

Schulich Leader Nominee vs. Schulich Leader Scholar

A Schulich Leader Nominee is a student who represents the top entrepreneurial-minded STEM student in your graduating class and in turn becomes eligible to win an $80,000 or $100,000 scholarship. 

A Schulich Leader is a student who has been selected by one of the 20 partner universities to receive an $80,000 or $100,000 scholarship as they pursue an undergraduate degree studying in an eligible STEM program.  

Most importantly, only Schulich Leader Nominees are eligible to become Schulich Leaders!

Scholarship Application Tips

What can you do to increase your chances of winning the Schulich Leader Scholarship?

  • Review the instructions carefully. 
  • Get your high school or Cégep to nominate you.
  • Fully complete the application, including contact information for two Referees who will upload reference letters in support of the nomination
    • Note: Once the Nominee submits the completed scholarship application, each Referee will receive an email to an online reference request form.
    • All letters of reference and scholarship applications must be completed and received by the February 16, 2022 deadline.
  • Research the partner universities and their eligible programs prior to starting.
  • Organize and complete everything well before the deadline dates: 
    • Nomination Deadline (High School Submits Nominee): January 26, 2022
    • Nominee Submits Application: February 16, 2022
    • Universities Make Offers: March 1 – June 15, 2022

Maintaining the Scholarship

Most importantly, the scholarship can be withdrawn by the university if you fail to obtain sufficient grades, commit a felony, withdraw from full-time attendance, or change your field of study away from the eligible STEM program. 

So, do you have what it takes to become the next Schulich Leader Scholar? Then review the Schulich Leader Scholarship Overview next!