tips to win the loran award

Important Tips For The Loran Scholarship


Do you want to apply for the Loran Scholarship? Then you won’t want to miss these tips!

Firstly, the Loran Scholarship administers the most comprehensive and thorough scholarship selection process in Canada, so there is no room for error. Secondly, there is a ton of information to consider before beginning your application. Therefore, make sure you fulfill all of the eligibility criteria prior to getting started. Thirdly, learn everything you can about their selection process so you include everything pertinent. This article will review important tips for the Loran Scholarship.

What is the Loran Scholarship?

The Loran Scholarship is Canada’s Largest Undergraduate Award. The Loran Scholarship Foundation offers up to 36 Loran Awards, and up to 95 provincial and finalist awards to promising candidates who exhibit integrity, courage, and personal autonomy. 

The scholarship value is $100,000 over four years of undergraduate study. This includes:

  • $10,000 annual spend
  • Matching tuition waiver 
  • Summer internships
  • Mentorship
  • Extensive networking
  • Orientation and graduation

The committees do not appoint these awards based on grades. Their primary focus is on a candidate’s character and the work that they do for the community (outside of the classroom).

Eligibility Requirements

High-School Students Must:

  • Be attending their final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in high school.
  • Be at least 16 years of age by September 1st of the following year.
  • Have a minimum cumulative average of 85%.
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.

Cegep Students Must:

  • Be in their final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in Cegep. (However, if you plan to attend university outside of Québec after one year, then you can apply in your first year of Cegep.)
  • Be at least 16 years of age by September 1st of the following year.
  • Present an R score equal to or higher than 29.
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.

Tips for the Loran Scholarship

School Sponsorship

Even though the Loran Scholarship accepts Direct Pool applications, it is recommended to seek out a school sponsor first. Therefore, connect with your teacher, guidance counsellor, or school administrator for details on your school’s sponsorship selection process. 

Confirm Deadlines

There are two main deadlines to consider. 

Sponsored Application Deadline: October 15, 2020, before 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Direct Pool Application Deadline: October 22, 2020, before 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

However, your school may have its own deadlines for its sponsorship selection process. Make sure you know each one well in advance, so you can prepare!

Determine Your Eligibility

Before beginning your application, review the student requirements based on high school and Cegep criteria. This information can be reviewed in more detail here

Online Form

Fill out the online application form to confirm your eligibility. 

Prepare For Interviews

The committees will review applications and invite shortlisted candidates for a semi-finalist interview date, which will be a videoconference. More importantly, this interview is an opportunity to connect with other semi-finalists, obtain valuable interview experience, and meet local leaders who will serve as interviewers. Semi-final interviews occur in November and December 2020 as well as January 5th – 15th, 2021. 

If you are selected for a semi-final interview, you will be contacted at least 2 weeks in advance.

After this interview, the committees will invite outstanding semi-finalists to attend national interviews. These will be held in February and March 2021. 

Past Winners

Explore the 2020 Loran Scholarship Winners. This article showcases Loran Scholars to provide a better idea of what it takes to win. So, see if you have what it takes before applying!

Looking For More?

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