apply for the dalton camp award

How To Apply For The Dalton Camp Award


The Dalton Camp Award offers a $10,000 prize for the best essay on the link between media and democracy in Canada! This award is annually presented by FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting. In 2002, FRIENDS first launched the award to honour the memory of Dalton Camp, a distinguished commentator on Canadian public affairs. Here’s everything you need to know to apply for the Dalton Camp Award.

Who is Eligible to Submit an Essay?

All applications from across genders, ages, sexual orientations, abilities, beliefs, and religions are welcome. In fact, any Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada may enter for the $10,000 prize, regardless of age, as well as student or professional status. 

Also, students in a recognized post-secondary institution are eligible for the $2,500 Student Prize!

Essay Requirements 

Essays should be dynamic and compelling. Judges focus on the subject matter and the strength of written expression. Therefore, they encourage any topic that relates to the link between media and democracy in Canada. Especially if it is explained in an engaging, creative, and proactive way. However, the essay cannot exceed 2,000 words in length. This includes any editorial content in your citations. 

Quick tips: 

  • Write it in English. 
  • Avoid technical and academic writing.
  • Express ideas and writing styles with originality and creativity.

Submission Process 

Submit your essay by completing the online submission form

Pro tip: Ensure you keep a saved copy of your essay prior to using the form.

Include the essay title and the full name of the author on the first page of your submission. However, only include the author’s name on the title page because subsequent/non-title pages shall contain ZERO information that will identify the author. This is essential because they judge essays on an anonymous basis. 

Every essay entry is accompanied by contact information. This includes:

  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • A 50-word bio of the author
  • Word count of essay (max. 2,000 words)
  • Confirmation that the entry complies with the Rules of the DCA

Most importantly, the author assumes sole responsibility for the accuracy of their essay. For example, direct quotations, factual assertions, and borrowed ideas shall be cited. 

Additional Essay Information

  • An entry that is written by more than one person is NOT eligible.
  • An entrant may only submit ONE essay.
  • They do NOT accept pseudonyms.
  • Do NOT submit visuals or photographs.
  • There is NO entry fee.

What is Acceptable Content? 

Furthermore, your essay ideas are your original written expression, with the exception of quotations. Basically, this essay will not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights, violate privacy or publicity rights, or contain any defamatory, libellous, obscene, or otherwise unlawful or objectionable content. 

You must not previously publish or submit this essay elsewhere for publication prior to March 2021. 

When Can I Submit My Essay?

Submissions are open now until December 1, 2020, at 8 PM EST.

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