hate my roommate

What If I Hate My Roommate?


The following tips, originally posted at StudentAwards Conversations, were contributed by students in our membership. 

Q. I think it would be fun to have a roommate, but what happens if I’m stuck with someone who I don’t like… (posted by: mer1616)


  • In my rez, it was shocking how many roommates got along really well (i.e. were good friends). One way I learned who was roommates with whom was just by seeing who a person would most commonly be with in the cafeteria or in the lounge. If two people were commonly together, then there was a very good chance they were roommates. There were certainly more roommate pairs who were friends than there were who just got along, and there were only two pairs I could think of who did not like one another, and one of those pairs got split up early in the year. If I had to break it down, I’d say 60% of pairs were friends, 38% just got along, and 2% had issues. Also, guys seem more likely than girls to be friends with their roommates. (posted by: mynameismattgotmlgo)
  • If you really have problems with your roommate, you can always go to your floor coordinator and they can help you work something out … But if it’s not something big, you guys can always talk it out. Should lay out some expectations when you meet ’em before anything else. (posted by: cyynthiia)
  • If you don’t like each other, you at least learn the very valuable life lesson of how to cope with people you don’t like. It can be difficult; I lived in a triple room, and loved one of my roommates, but hated the other one immensely because she was constantly hurtful and rude. It certainly added tension and drama, but at least I can look back and remember that it taught me important social skills that have proved to be useful in the workplace, where you will ALWAYS encounter people you don’t like, but you’re stuck with. (posted by: therewildingproject)