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Undergraduate Arts Scholarships at the University of Toronto


Hey, University of Toronto students! If you’re in an Arts program at the University of Toronto St. George Campus, there are arts scholarships and grants available to you. Check out the new Award Explorer platform for great opportunities to receive funding. There are so many financial awards that you may qualify for based on academic merit, artistic contributions, community involvement (to both the immediate university community, and the community outside of university), and your own financial needs.

Even if the arts scholarships are not a large amount, try your best to apply for them. For example, for art and architecture students, quality art materials can be expensive. So, why not apply for grants to help build up your portfolios? No matter which faculty you’re with, there is something out there. The following list contains a few of the easiest grants and scholarships that various candidates in arts programs can apply. (Sorry if your program is not mentioned. Don’t fret because opportunities for all programs of study are within the database). So be sure to visit and launch the Award Explorer to narrow or broaden your search results!

The Faculty Artists’ Scholarship

Offered by the Faculty of Music, this award is granted to a student who is continuing in a program within the faculty and can demonstrate financial need. Academic merit is also considered. Domestic students are eligible to apply. As for the value of the scholarship, this varies depending on the above factors. The easiest part? No application required.

The K. Parlow Scholarships

Offered by the Faculty of Music. These scholarships are open to all students, both domestic and international. No application required. The value of the award varies. A violinist, violist, or cellist working towards their Artist Diploma or their Bachelor of Music in Performance is considered, only if the student is entering their second year of study. Additionally, this reward can be retained up until graduation, as long as you maintain strong academic merit and a 3.0-grade-point-average. You can do it!

Alfred and Isabel Bader Scholarships: Number I, II and III

Wow! These rewards are plentiful. Several candidates in their first year, second year, and third year of study in the arts, history, literature, or chemistry are eligible. Valued at $1,000 per recipient, this award does not require any application. Therefore, students are automatically considered based on academic merit. So, keep up the good grades and Victoria College will reward you!

Arno Belger Travel Scholarship

Are you in the Drama program at the University of Toronto St. George and in financial need? Then you may be eligible for a reward of up to $4,000. This award assists Drama students with their travel costs related to the program. If this applies to you, go for it!

Arthur Lindsay Fernie Award

Another great opportunity for students in the Drama program! This award is valued up to $3,000 and based entirely on the applicant’s financial needs. No application required!

The Arts and Science Award in Peace and Conflict Studies

Valued at roughly $1,600, eligible candidates must be enrolled in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program, under the division of the Faculty of Arts and Science, and demonstrate excellence in academic merit. Alternatively, if you’re graduating in the Peace and Conflict Studies Program and have excellent academic merit, be on the lookout for a $3,000 award when you complete your program!

B. Allen Memorial Scholarship in Visual Studies

With multiple $6,000 awards available, this award gears towards Honours Bachelor of Arts students, Visual Studies students, or Masters of Visual Studies students. These students have academic merit and an assessment of their application. Also, if you have a particular interest in paint based media, you will be given a strong preference. Visit the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design for more information.

The Best Undergraduate Research Paper Award

Basically, a committee reviews your work (provided it is within the Faculty of Arts and Science scope) after the professor nominates a single paper for consideration. That’s correct. You can earn money for writing a strong research paper! $200 is worth your effort, and worth the high grade. So, keep up the vigilant research and organization!

C. David Naylor University Scholarship

Get ready. This is a major $20,000 scholarship you won’t want to miss! This is an admissions scholarship, for any student entering any first entry program. Basically, strong candidates have academic merit and leadership excellence in areas of arts, music, sports, and enterprising work. The minimum admission average for this award is 95%. This award is in honour of Dr. David Naylor, a Rhodes Scholar and brilliant teacher and researcher, who worked to strengthen the global presence and success of the University of Toronto so the contributions and values that students, faculty, and alumni bring can be placed in high regard. 

C. Wallis Undergraduate Scholarship in English

If you are in the department of English and have academic merit alongside financial need, you might be eligible for $2,000. Only domestic students may apply for this reward.

Craig and Cathy Smith Award

This $3,000 award is for new students who display academic distinction. These students also demonstrate notable achievements and accomplishments in the arts (creative, music, or performing arts). Additionally, no application required, just your brilliance and dedication! 

The Daniels Faculty Academic Merit Award

For the top graduating undergraduates in the Honours Bachelor of Arts programs, such as Architectural Studies and Visual Studies. Also, this $500 award does not require an application.

Furthermore, please keep in mind that the arts scholarships mentioned are a small percentage of what exists for St. George students. Lastly, if your program does not appear in this article, visit the Award Explorer for the full database. For more scholarships, continue reading with U of T Scholarships and Awards Based on Outstanding Leadership.