U of T scholarships

U of T Scholarships and Awards Based on Outstanding Leadership


1) Building Canadian Leaders: Class of 1968 Scholarship in Rotman

This admission award goes to a student with strong leadership potential. Additionally, they are admitted and enrolled in the Rotman Commerce program. They evaluate sports, extra-curricular, and a demonstration of community leadership. Students must apply for this award. There are several value tiers to this award, as well as similar awards available to students of Rotman Commerce that are renewable.

2) The L. Colavita Memorial Award

For undergraduate students of St. Michael’s College that register in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Certainly, this award gives preference to students pursuing philanthropic interests, a career in special education, and have dedicated their time and efforts towards community service. No application required. However, there is an award of a similar name that requires an application. Lastly, make sure you are looking at the correct one!

3) The C. Scanlan Scholarship

Offered by the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. This award varies in value and requires an application. Additionally, students demonstrate outstanding extra-curricular involvement or leadership in activities. Students must also be entering their fourth year of a BScN program. For more information, visit the Faculty of Nursing.

4) The Davidson and Davidson OSOTF Award

To qualify, students must register with Innis College. Students must also be leaders who contribute to their college or greater University of Toronto community. Lastly, they must apply to be eligible.

5) The ADR Institute Essay Prize In Alternative Dispute Resolution

For students who are in their upper year of JD at the Faculty of Law, this award is of great interest. Students write an essay with merit on any issue that relates to alternative dispute resolution. 

6) The Artemis Diamantouros Award

This award was established in memory of Dr. Diamantouros, who provided her leadership, teaching, and mentorship abilities to foster generations of students and pharmacists. She motivated her students and inspired all who worked with her to go beyond their calling to extend compassion in care, both professionally and personally. This award is given to a student in their second, third, or fourth year of the undergraduate program. Basically, this student excels in leadership in the profession of pharmacy. Application required. Also, there are several more requirements to consider. So, visit here to apply.

7) The Hozack Student Leadership Award

This requires a nomination. Either self-nomination or a nomination from the staff of Hart House at the University of Toronto St. George. The student is an excellent leader, demonstrated by their involvement in a group at Hart House. No application required. Also, the value may vary. So, visit the University of Toronto Enrolment Services for more information.

8) The B. Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award

For first-year students who demonstrate professional commitment and excellence in their service. They achieve this by expanding their knowledge of the law, exercising integrity in standards and in practice, and contributing to the community with their innovative ideas and collaborative spark. No application required.

9) The Wellington Financial LP Award in Technology Evaluation and Analysis

For students that are full-time Engineering undergraduates or enrolled in a full-time MBA with a love for tech and leadership. Joseph L. Rotman School of Management offers this award.

10) The M.A Duffy Graduating Student Award

This award is for a female student who demonstrates exceptional voluntary service beyond the university. They also are an Innis College student graduating from the Faculty of Arts and Science. Another fact is, there are additional academic merit requirements as part of the award’s eligibility. Furthermore, approximately $9,000.00 is awarded to the recipient. Wow!

11) The M.J Hendrie Memorial Scholarship

This award recognizes a students’ contributions to college life at University College through athletic performance or extra-curricular participation and excellence. Academic merit is also considered. So, visit this link for more information. 

12) The New Leaders Scholarship

Lastly, this is a major one! The New Leaders Scholarship offers multiple awards. These are awarded to multiple students with prizes that depend on the tier that student is eligible for. Moreover, two award prizes are estimated at $5,000.00, and one award prize is estimated at $10,000.00. Students must be entering their final year of study, and have a myriad of leadership and contributions to their university community. This award is offered by New College. Also, it requires an application. So, visit here for more details.

Best wishes as you search for your U of T scholarships and grants! Finally, if you need to search a big database, visit the U of T Award Explorer to broaden your search results. Be specific with those U of T scholarships!