post-secondary program

Tips for Choosing a Post-Secondary Program


I admire people who have always known exactly what they want to do with their lives, but I think these people are atypical.  I also think it’s asking a lot of the average high school senior to decide on a career path at age 17. My advice would be:

  1. Think about what you like to do and select a post-secondary program that matches your interest.  Worry less about what others think you should do, or about what you think will make you richest. Focus on your interests. The grades and salary will follow.
  2. Work part-time during high school. It will help pay for college/university. Also, it might help you figure out what you like to do (or what you don’t like to do, which can be just as useful).
  3. In your first year of college/university, if the program you’ve selected turns out to be a bad fit, look into your options. Can you switch majors? Can you change classes? Nothing is set in stone.  It’s much easier to change direction at this stage of your life than 10 years down the road when you have a family and a mortgage to worry about!
  4. Work part-time during college/university. If you’re in the right program, you should have time for studies, a social life, and a job.  Working part-time in college/university will keep the money coming in, and create more options for you if you need to pick up an extra class or do an extra year.  It’s also great preparation for your first full-time job.