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Thanks For Giving Me The Push I Needed


The Studentawards “Thank Your First Class Educator” contest invites members to thank a special teacher, professor, coach, counsellor, TA or administrator who made a difference in their lives.  Turns out there’s a lot of gratitude out there, as we received almost 1,300 responses. Below are some of our favourites, in which members say “Thanks for Giving Me the Push I Needed”.

I want to say thank you to Mr. Huo my Teacher Advisor for always pushing me to do my best even when I didn’t want to. I couldn’t have gotten the marks I did this year without you. You made me do the work and it really paid off.

[M]y best teacher was one who actually gave me my first failing grade. I learned from a young age what amount of effort I needed to put forth in order to get good grades. I would do this minimum and often nothing more unless the subject was of great interest. Fortunately, though I likely found it unfortunate at the time, I came across a teacher who didn’t allow students to just “get by” … My twelfth-grade English teacher, Kim Fahner, saw me putting forth no effort in her class and she was not going to stand for it. Unless she felt that I actually made good attempts, she would wield her red pen liberally over my assignments, forcing me to pay attention. I had always possessed a love of literature and poetry, but in her class, I realized that I could create. I had never experienced such fulfillment or self-expression as I pushed myself to create something fresh, intelligent and heartfelt. With her motivation, I became an author. I became a true student. Not just in name, but in pursuit of higher knowledge and higher accomplishment. Though I wish that I had met her earlier in my academic career, I am glad that I was granted the privilege, and that it came before the trials of university where such commitment is rarely seen!

Thx to my Biology 12 teacher Mr. Payne who literally pushed me to my limit and inspired me to be the best student I can be. With a teacher like this you don’t want to let them down by not reaching your potential. I came into biology with 80, left with a 98 and learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and work hard! Not every day comes a teacher who does whatever they can to help you succeed whether you’re struggling to pass or trying to reach that A+! …

 [Thanks to] Mr. Sabyan for pushing me over my limit and showing me I can achieve things I thought I couldn’t  …

I’d like to thank Mr. McFarland, who was my French immersion teacher for the duration of high school. He helped me by always pushing me harder towards what he thought was my potential … Mr. McFarland also taught me to be more independent and self-reliant instead of leaning on other people to do the work for me, telling me that taking the easy route is never the best option … So thanks McF for always pushing me to do better, I may have actually learned a little bit in the four years you taught me 😉

I would like to thank Mr. Terry Hogan my math teacher, drama teacher, etc. for being brutally honest … If I was to fail my math test or any test, he would point out that failing is not going to help you, and also sleeping, talking, and fooling around will only bring you down. He said, it’s not his duty to make us pass, it’s our choice, “we could choose to try and succeed or to give up and fail”… I know I cannot … blame anyone if I fail or succeed. This year, I will be going to college because I want to succeed. Thank you Mr. Hogan for being honest!

… Mr. Longpre expects the best from each and every one of his students … In my first class with Mr. Longpre, I faced incredible frustration and disbelief after failing numerous assignments in which I placed my best effort. But that’s the thing, it was never my BEST effort. It took a lot of hard learning in those classes to really learn the meaning of the word EFFORT. In Mr. Longpre’s classes, I finally had to study for weeks before a test. I came for extra help every day after school … but it was completely worth it! I loved every minute of that class, even when I was stretched to my breaking point. I guess you have to have that experience to understand it, but I was a million times more proud to see my amazing test marks when I knew exactly how hard I had worked for them … Mr. Longpre, before I took your class in grade 9, I had marks handed to me on a silver platter. I was outraged and confused to be failed.

And then I learned how to TRY for my marks, and how to APPRECIATE them. You taught me how to ask for help, and provided tremendous support to me and my classmates over the years. When I left your geography class, I received my lowest ever exam mark, but I learned more than I ever had in one semester. So, when I saw your name on my grade 12 course outline, I was ecstatic. And, little did I know, there was more for me to learn … I am inspired by the level of passion and devotion that you put into your teaching …  THANK YOU! 🙂