Terry Fox Humanitarian Award: This Is What A Winner Looks Like


So, here’s a closer look at the people who win this thing. 

  • Scholarship Value: $28,000
  • Application Deadline: February 1st 
  • Who Can Apply: Students graduating high school, finished high school, or completing their first year of CÉGEP
  • Where To Apply: Terry Fox Humanitarian Award Website 

This one’s for the peeps who are simply roaring in their Terryness… and $28,000. Additionally, let’s take a closer look at just some of the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award 2019 recipients and what they do to make this world a cooler place. 

Connor McKinnon survived stage four cancer. At six years old.

  • School/Program: Bachelor of Nursing at Lakehead University. 
  • Humanitarian or Community Involvement: Connor suffered from stage four Rhabdomyosarcoma with metastasis when he was merely six years old. This meant he should have had less than three months to live. But, through extensive treatments, Connor got to see the light at the end of the tunnel and became actively involved in activities like Drama, Travel club, and leadership programs.
  • Area of Focus: Embracing life after illness. 
  • Initiatives: Connor became a peer counselor for children with cancer and he assists with cancer research at Sick Kids Hospital. 

Reagan Morris is spreading awareness one pancake at a time.

  • School/Program: Holy Trinity Catholic High School. 
  • Humanitarian or Community Involvement: After experiencing homophobic treatment from peers and strangers, Reagan decided to make moves in helping others feel secure with their Identities. She then became the president of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) and maintained the position until she graduated out of it. 
  • Area of Focus: Rights and equality for the LGBTQIA + community. 
  • Initiatives: Reagan founded “Big Gay Pancake Breakfast” which aims to generate funds in a simple, wholesome way for the areas of the LGBTQIA + community that need it most in the area where the breakfast is held.

Julia Caddy is shifting “no hope” to “know hope”.

  • School/Program: Psychology and Communications at McGill University. 
  • Humanitarian or Community Involvement: Julia collaborated with organizations including Partners for Mental Health, CMHA, Jack.org, Kids Help Phone, and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to combat barriers to mental health. 
  • Area of Focus: Mental health awareness.  
  • Initiatives: Julia is at the forefront of the Students in Mind team at McGill and McGill’s Chapter of Jack.org. She is also the face of several Build Them Up campaigns (billboard and TV) in support of the new  Centre for Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  

Stephanie Budden is all about health and safety for women.

  • School/Program: Bachelor of Commerce (co-op) at Memorial University. 
  • Humanitarian or Community Involvement: Stephanie focuses her volunteer efforts with schools and community organizations like the Humanitarian Club, Girl Guides, Special Olympics and the Women’s Center.
  • Area of Focus: Preventing violence against women.
  • Initiatives: Stephanie has led and championed her own fundraiser to support women and children in need, following her passion to prevent domestic violence. 

Mason Carter supports equality for all humans.

  • School/Program: Journalism at the University of King’s College. 
  • Humanitarian or Community Involvement: Mason has been advocating on behalf of the queer community at Cumberland County for the last three years.
  • Area of Focus: Rights and equality for the LGBTQIA + community.  
  • Initiatives: Mason has collaborated with the Cumberland Country to put a ban on conversion therapy for minors in Nova Scotia.

Also, it’s pretty clear that the Terry Fox Humanitarian program encourages a huge range of humanitarian acts. But if there’s anything these recipients have in common. Basically, it’s their drive to leverage every means possible to raise awareness for the causes they support, and to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

So, we hope these profile summaries share a glimpse at what it takes to win. And if you can identify with any of these samaritans, we encourage you to apply for the award! For more information, check out “Honouring a Canadian Leader: Terry Fox Humanitarian Award For Students.”


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