Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund


What Is It?

The Ted Rogers Scholarship is here to help ensure the success of future young leaders by assisting with their educational aspirations and breaking down barriers that Canadian youth face throughout their education period. 

A quick overview:

  • 150 community scholarships of up to $10,000 were awarded in 2019.
  • A $3,500,000 total in scholarships has been given to 1000 recipients since 2017.
  • 215 employee scholarships of $2500 were given out this year.

Due Date

The previous application deadline was April 30, 2019. 

Application Requirements

The application consists of two essays that are a max of 250 words each, and one letter of reference. 

Who’s Eligible

Eligible applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Additionally, they must be a participant of one of several Rogers’ community partners, and entering into full-time studies in a first bachelor degree, diploma program, or trades program at a Canadian university, college, or trades school. 

Our Thoughts

The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund prioritizes education and works to help it become more accessible. Yes, you assumed right. The scholarship is named after Ted Rogers himself and was created in honor of him. 

Why do we need scholarships like this? The answer is simple. There are so many bright minds in the world with a thirst for education. However, there are many barriers that young adults face throughout their academic careers. For example, taking out student loans to fund their education. The Rogers Scholarship has a clear mission: give some of these bright-minded students an opportunity for post-secondary education. Providing help with some of the difficult finance-related barriers can open up a much bigger door for students struggling to fund their future aspirations.

If you are a student participating in one of Rogers’ community partners, Rogers wants to give back to you for acting as a young leader. A large Canadian corporation that provides opportunities to younger students gives them a push in the right direction and forces these youthful leaders to believe in themselves. Lastly, providing students with more freedom in academic exploration is proven to lead to outstanding outcomes. So, we know the future is bright!