TD Scholarship for Community Leadership


What Is It? 

The scholarships include up to $10,000 for tuition, up to a maximum of 4 years, and $7,500 a year for living expenses, up to a maximum of 4 years. The total value awarded per scholarship is up to $70,000. 

Due Date

The due date for 2019/2020 is November 15, 2019.

Application Requirements

The TD Scholarship for community leaders is an award for students who demonstrate an ability to support change in their communities, which contributes to helping the world become a better place. TD defines community leadership as a consistent dedication to resolving a problem in the community.

You must submit:

  • An essay of up to 600 words that describes the applicant’s community leadership
  • An application form
  • The official transcript of your academic records
  • A letter of recommendation from your school
  • Two letters of support or confirmation

Who’s Eligible?

This scholarship is open to students across Canada who demonstrate community leadership, are in their final year of high school (outside Quebec) or CEGEP (in Quebec), and have a minimum of an overall grade average of 75% in their most recently completed school year.

There are a total of 80 finalists that move onto an interview. After the interviews, at least 2 scholarship recipients are chosen from each of the 5 regions. Regions include Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia/Yukon, and the Prairies/Northwest Territories/Nunavut.

Our Thoughts

The TD Community Leadership Scholarship’s purpose is to recognize the young leaders in communities across Canada. They have up to 20 awards to hand out and approximately 4,000 students who apply each year, making it one of the most competitive scholarships out there.

TD’s initiative is positive and beneficial for our community because it recognizes students who support change and look forward to helping their community improve. 

The TD scholarship can be considered easily accessible because you only require a 75% average to be eligible. This makes it quite clear that they prioritize searching for students who excel in their leadership potential, rather than academic ability.

Demonstrating outstanding community leadership can go very far for our future of bright individuals. If this scholarship pushes students to get out there and search for opportunities to help a good cause, so be it! As a student, maintaining a high average can be tough. However, it is important to learn from your surroundings and engage in environments outside of school. This rewards students who take that initiative.

It’s safe to say that this is one of the best scholarships offered in Canada!