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Summer Jobs for Travel-Minded Students


While winter is the time to live off of student loan leftovers, summer is the time to enjoy a temporary educational break while attempting to replenish empty pockets with hard-earned cash. According to Euripides, a Greek playwright, travel is education in itself. So if the opportunity presents itself, why not get a job that allows you to unleash your inner explorer while maximizing the revenue-generating summer months.


Many amazing summer jobs exist in the tourism industry – an industry which is currently booming in Canada – so why not explore another province by working at a summer resort? Resorts offer plenty of jobs from bar and restaurant staff to activity planners and housekeepers. On top of making great tips, resort jobs can land you some amazing friends and set up future job possibilities for summers to come. Check out Young Canada Works at for information on other job opportunities.

Get Outside

If you’re intent on spending the summer months in the great outdoors – tree planting, summer camps, or working at a national park are good places to start. Parks Canada offers full-time secondary school students access to student jobs across Canada. Jobs normally run from May to September and give students the opportunity to learn about the parks, gain valuable work experience, and have enough sun exposure to get a great tan.

For those yearning for an experience overseas, the Student Work Abroad Program (SWAP) specializes in helping students set up working holidays. The welcome packet includes information on how to set up a work visa and tips and tricks on how to land a job in a foreign land. Visit for details.

There are many summer opportunities so don’t wait for one to land in your lap, be pro-active and get hunting!