COVID-19 student relief funds

The Ultimate Guide to COVID-19 Student Relief Funds in Canada


Canadian colleges and universities are stepping up with special COVID-19 student relief funds to help students in financial need.

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the job plans of students across the country. Current hours, future internships, and summer opportunities are all drying up for students. That’s making the prospect of affording school very difficult for many.

Many colleges and universities have heard these concerns and are putting together special student relief funds to help out. We will continue to update this list with more relief funds offered by Canadian schools as we hear about them.

Student Relief Funds in British Columbia

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

In addition to emergency funding from the BC government, KPU gave students in need up to $250. This funding has since been used up and went towards students enrolled in a class for Spring 2020. Students still looking for financial assistance can pursue the school’s bursaries or other local resources.

Student Relief Funds in New Brunswick

Université de Moncton

The Université de Moncton set up an emergency fund to assist students on their three campuses financially impacted by COVID-19. The interim president of the school, Jacques Paul Couturier, publicly said how important it is to show support for their student community and this fund helps with that.

University of New Brunswick

UNB students registered for the Winter 2020 semester can apply to the school’s COVID-19 Student Relief Fund if they’re facing an immediate financial need in relation to the pandemic. Based on need, bursaries worth up to $1,000 may be awarded to assist with travel and living expenses.

Student Relief Funds in Nova Scotia

Acadia University

Students at Acadia are facing challenges to pay for rent, groceries, transportation, and more. To combat uncertain summer employment, the school has implemented a Student Relief Fund to provide additional assistance. Bursary application forms will be sent to all eligible students and are due by June 15. The amounts of these bursaries will depend on the number of applicants and total funds available.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie has already helped out over 400 students with emergency bursaries to cover their unexpected costs resulting from the pandemic. Specifically, the school’s helped students required to leave residence early and international students stuck in Canada, unable to travel home. They’ve also launched projectDAL to crowdfund from donors for specific student needs. Domestic students looking for help finding the right financial aid should reach out to them at

Mount Saint Vincent University

Mount Saint Vincent University announced a fund to provide emergency bursaries to students in need. These funds will help cover costs for housing, food, tuition, and more services related to COVID-19. This same fund will also be used for bursaries and awards in the upcoming fall term so that students are able to return to the school.

Saint Mary’s University

Recognizing the financial impact of COVID-19, Saint Mary’s University has been reaching out to their current and future students to make them aware of emergency financial supports within the university. They have a small amount of Emergency Relief Bursary Funds and are also directing students to relevant government resources.

Student Relief Funds in Ontario

Ontario Tech University

With students struggling financially like never before, Ontario Tech has stepped up with an emergency Student Relief Fund worth $1 million and is pledging to match all donations. This is on top of the school re-allocating funds for student events earlier this week and donations from the university’s Board of Governors. Applications are already open to all of their students and the fund is likely to be exhausted shortly.

Queen's University student relief fund

Queen’s University

From Mar 16-Apr 27, Queen’s provided $2.18 million in emergency bursary funding as a part of its response to COVID-19. This assistance for undergrad and graduate students is intended to offer some relief those facing financial challenges like loss of employment or other unexpected expenses.

Ryerson University

Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts established an emergency fund for one-time financial support to all students experiencing hardship as a result of the pandemic. To apply for $200-$1,000 in relief, you must be a student returning to the school who can demonstrate direct financial hardship. Applications will be taken until the fund has been exhausted.

University of Windsor 

UWindsor is launching a Student Relief Fund to support students facing financial challenges resulting from the pandemic. The fund to help those in need is currently amassing as the school calls on donors to help. Students are able to apply through the school’s awards office.

York University

York’s commitment to positive change is on display as they raise money for a COVID-19 Student Relief Fund. Many of their students are facing financial hardships as a consequence of the pandemic, whether that be meeting unexpected technology requirements or childcare costs. As a result, the school launched Emergency Bursaries to help cover unexpected costs related to housing, rent, food, and more.

Student Relief Funds in Québec

Concordia University

To help their students, in addition to any available government funding, Concordia put together a COVID-19 Emergency Student Relief Fund of $700,000. Their goal is to help students who were in classes for the Winter 2020 term, facing unexpected financial issues. Students can apply for this one time only, non-repayable bursary through their McConcordia portal.

McGill University

McGill wants you to know that you’re not alone in experiencing urgent financial need due to lost wages. Students with immediate financial concerns can apply to the Scholarships & Student Aid Office for In-Course Financial Aid, a bursary and loan program for students based on need. Consult their FAQ for details on how to apply and who’s eligible.

Work at a college or university and want to make sure it’s listed? Have additional resources to share? Get in touch with us! Our list will keep growing with more information on all the COVID-19 student relief funds we can find.