science scholarships at university of toronto

Science Scholarships at the University of Toronto


If you are in a science program and in your undergraduate or graduate term, keep on the lookout for science scholarships and grant applications. The University of Toronto recently launched its Award Explorer platform in February 2020, improving the search and application process, which you can find here: This database makes it easier to track due dates and narrow your search.

This article will go over some of the scholarships and grants you should apply for if you are enrolled in scientific fields of study, in particular, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. This article addresses a few of the available undergraduate science scholarships available. It’s always nice to fund your education and research endeavors, so see if these apply to you.

The 5T3 (1953) Engineering Award

Offered through the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. This approximate $26,000 award goes to a single student in their third year. Applicants can be full-time or part-time students and demonstrate high academic achievement, financial need, leadership, and character qualities through extracurricular involvement in the university and beyond. Remember, as a University of Toronto student, you have access to your Co-Curricular Record, which can be used as an asset in tracking your involvement with the school community. This can also help you apply to future schools and jobs. However, it is only available to domestic students. 

Alternatively, there is the 5T6 Civils Scholarship in the same faculty, for an award of $3,000. This scholarship is also on the basis of academic merit and financial need. But you do not have to be a domestic student to apply, so it is open to everyone. Applications required.

A. Hiles Carter and Mary Purkis Carter Fund Reward

This award varies in its amount based on the student’s financial need. The applicant must also be in the Faculty of Arts and Science, and be a senior or mature student. This is available to domestic students of the University of Toronto and requires an application.

A. Shihipar Campus Leadership Award

This $3,000 award carefully selects full-time student candidates based on extra-curricular activities (on-campus only) in an Arts and Science Program. Additionally, applicants are in their second year or higher, receiving OSAP, and meet the minimum GPA requirement. Remember to search the Co-Curricular database and the CLNx site for those opportunities.

Aber Scholarships in Applied Science and Engineering

This is a sweet reward of $10,000 for a single student entering their first year of Mineral Engineering. This award is based on academic merit. It is renewable at a $5,000 value for the second, third, and fourth-year as long as you continue in the program. Therefore, a total of $25,000 over the years. Furthermore, applicants must be from Nunavut and the Territories.

The Accenture Scholarship

This amount may not be as large, but funding is funding. About $1,300 is awarded to a student in Engineering, Computer Science, or a Bachelor of Commerce program. Applicants are in their third year, entering their final year of study, and maintaining a strong academic background with a 3.0 GPA. Applicants must also be involved actively in professional or social organizations such as sports, or other involvement that demonstrates commitment and action. This scholarship is only available to domestic students at this time.

Albert and Rose Jong Entrance Scholarship

If you are a new full-time student, entering your first year of Electrical Engineering or Engineering Science, apply for this award. It’s valued at somewhere between $700 to $1,000! Applicants must also demonstrate financial need, academic merit, and leadership in the Chinese Canadian Community. Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents can apply.

A. Saeed Memorial Award

Apply for this $5,000 award if you meet the following criteria. You must be an international undergraduate student in your second year (or higher), with a minimum GPA of 3.0. It is also important that you demonstrate outstanding campus leadership, extra-curricular leadership, and excel academically. Fill out an application for this award. It is only open to international students.

A. Gentili Memorial Scholarship

Offered by the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing. Everyone in their second year with a full-time study load and a vested interest in neuroscience (this must be demonstrated) can apply. Academic standing and financial need are also considered for this scholarship valued at $2,500.

The Allan Wai Chiu Mok and Isa Po Po Gok Admission Scholarship

This one does not require any application and is valued at $7,000 – $8,000 to full-time students entering their first-year program in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Please note that this is also an admission scholarship. Therefore, you are automatically considered on the basis of academic merit. Make sure your grades are good!

The Andrew Alexander Kinghorn Scholarship

There are a total of four awards available in the amount of $5,600 to $6,000 on behalf of the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. Candidates demonstrate financial need and academic standing. However, you don’t have to apply directly to be considered (you are considered automatically). This award is available to domestic students only. 

A. Frow Memorial Award

If you are proceeding to your second, third, or fourth year of undergraduate study within the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, you’ve already met part of the requirement for this $8,300 to $8,900 reward. So, if you have strong extracurricular involvement within the university, academic merit, and demonstrate financial need, then apply. Also, only domestic students are able to apply. Application required.

Of course, there are plenty more scholarships available for students in science and engineering programs at the University of Toronto St. George. The Award Explorer is an excellent addition to the University of Toronto experience, and we’ve only revealed a few of the numerous options to explore. Remember to stay optimistic as you search and apply for science scholarships and grants, as it can be quite overwhelming.