Grain Farmers of Ontario Legacy Scholarship

Grain Farmers of Ontario
July 21, 2024

Ontario’s agriculture and agri-food industries need skilled workers – in the field, in the lab, in the factory, and in the boardroom. A career in agriculture can be a career in science, technology, finance, communication, law, public policy – it is a wide-open field with endless potential.

Grain Farmers of Ontario encourages the pursuit of higher education in any area of study that will benefit agriculture or agri-food and supports the development of future leaders in these areas. The Legacy Scholarship is open to students accepted or enrolled in any accredited post-secondary College or University program. Up to 10 scholarships of $5,000 per recipient will be awarded towards the individual’s studies and cost of school.  Up to five of those scholarships may be awarded to students pursuing non-agriculture specific studies.

How to Apply

  • Must be an Ontario resident
  • Students must be in a full-time program
  • Students must be attending an accredited College or University
  • Students are eligible during any point of their studies
  1. Complete the application form located at
  2. Submit the following required documents with the application form (the “Application Package”):
    • Resume – including a list of community involvement and personal accomplishments
    • Letter of Reference – One (1) Letter of Reference will be accepted from a non-family member, preferably within the Ontario agriculture or agri-food industry, with significant knowledge of the Applicant’s experience and involvement in their community
    • Proof of enrollment in a course of study (Note: Offer letters will not be accepted as proof of enrolment)
      • If entering a College or University program, copy of acceptance letter
      • If already enrolled in a College or University, a copy of the most recent course enrollment
    • Essay – Using 500 to a maximum of 1,000 in your own words, address the following points:
      • How did you become interested in your area of study and what is your career plan?
      • How will your area of study and career goals benefit the future of the Ontario grain sector or agri-food industry?
      • Why should Grain Farmers of Ontario be a partner in your academic journey?

If you have any questions about your eligibility for the Grain Farmers of Ontario Legacy Scholarship or the application process, please contact Rachel Telford,

  • Recipients are only eligible for one bursary in their lifetime