CMHA BC Scholarships (Assorted)

July 15, 2020

Since 1982, CMHA BC has been helping people with mental illness further their pursuit of post-secondary education through our scholarship and bursary programs. We are committed to lowering access barriers and would like to ensure that these scholarships and bursaries are available to anyone in British Columbia with lived experience who is pursuing higher education. Learn more about our values.

Several awards are available each year to BC post-secondary students who live with mental illness or addiction. Applicants may only apply for one of the awards listed below in a given year. Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Lorne Fraser Scholarship for Mental Health Promotion
Scholarships worth $1000 and $2000 are available to two post-secondary students entering the second, third, or fourth year of an undergraduate program, or any stage of a graduate program, whose education and career goals are related to mental health promotion. See the evaluation criteria and apply here.

Lorne Fraser Educational Bursary
Several $700 bursaries are available to students for the tuition costs of a post-secondary education at an accredited BC institution. See the evaluation criteria and apply here.

Mental Health Fine Arts Bursary (FAB) Award
Two $1,000 bursaries available for students enrolled or accepted to a post-secondary program in the field of fine art. See the evaluation criteria and apply here.

Janice Lee Blue Wave Youth Bursary
Several $700 bursaries are available for BC youth under the age of 20 who have experienced a significant mental health or substance use challenge. See the evaluation criteria and apply here.

Andre Courtemanche Green Ribbon Scholarship
One $1000 scholarship is available to first or second year students who have lived or living experience with mental health challenges, who are enrolled in either post-secondary trades programs (ex. carpentry, cooking, welding) or post-secondary programs relating to fitness, nutrition and the outdoors (ex. sport management, natural sciences). See the evaluation criteria and apply here.

Indigenous Mental Health Fine Arts Bursary (FAB) Award
Held at the Vancouver Foundation, this award recognizes the efforts of individuals who can use their skills in the fine arts to support those experiencing mental illness. Two $1,000 bursaries provide support for Indigenous post-secondary students with lived experience, 18 years or older, who have accessed therapeutic support or mental health services. Award criteria is currently being finalized; please check back with us soon for eligibility and the application form.

How to Apply

  • BC post-secondary students.
  • Eligibility requirements for individual scholarships provided at the links above.

Application requirements for individual scholarships provided at the links above.

Please note: Submissions received by mail or fax will be disqualified. Individuals who submit more than one application for the same year will be evaluated on the application submitted first only. An applicant may win a bursary or scholarship more than once, but will not be eligible to win an award two years in a row.

If you have any questions, please email