Got a Spine Scholarship

Arctic Chiropractic Fairbanks
May 02, 2024

At Arctic Chiropractic, our goal is to maintain and improve the spinal health of every patient, while educating the community and each patient about the benefits associated with chiropractic care. People develop back pain for a variety of reasons and it is our goal to educate as many people as possible in ways to avoid developing chronic back problems.

A $500 scholarship is awarded annually.

How to Apply

  • Be attending college or university on a full-time basis by October of 2024.
  • Have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year.
  • Be a US or Canadian resident.
  • Submit answers to the essay questions no later than May 2, 2024.
  • Can be enrolled in any field of study.
  • Fill out the online application form, which includes the following essay questions:
    • In 1,000 words or less, write an essay answering:
      • What are three common ways people develop back problems?
      • What are three ways that you can ensure that you do not experience chronic back pain in the future?
      • What are three methods chiropractors use when treating back pain?
    • In 250 words or less, write a brief essay answering the following:
      • Why do you feel that you deserve this scholarship?

If you have any questions, please contact the Scholarship Program Administrator at:

  • Applicants may be enrolled in any field of study.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59PM EST on the day of the deadline.