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Scholarships: Free Money For Those Who Come Calling

By Michael Wolk

The following cliché is more deeply driven within the confines of your skull. There is an abundance of scholarship opportunities that are attainable for students from all facets of life. I myself, under two months ago, was completely oblivious to the world of financial aid, money, and scholarships. Initially intimidated by the world of scholarships, I’m proud to say that it is no longer the case.

My fellow high school students can undoubtedly relate to the persistent bombardment from guidance counsellors, teachers and most of all parents, regarding sniffing out and applying for scholarships; money for tuition!

Without any legitimate expectations of striking it large and winning any sort of money, my scholarship journey began. Signing up for was definitely the most useful step in the journey. Personalized scholarships are an invaluable asset to young people.

Over 40 scholarships based solely on my personal profile appeared, and the real wild goose chase began. Also, within the first 48 hours of registering for this website, I was deeply entrenched in writing an essay for the ‘Credit Canada’ scholarship.

Furthermore, the process is fairly simple. Write a 1000-word essay on a specified topic. The entirety of the essay took no more than three hours of my precious time.

Next, I was submitting the essay, without any realistic thoughts of walking away with a bulked-up education fund after the completion of the selection process. My entrance into the essay contest was for the simple reason of the aforementioned bombardment. And persistent push from my elders to “apply, apply, apply” to scholarships.

Well, it paid off, literally.

A mid-November telephone call, one of the best I’ve received to date, was a notification that I had won $1000. Additionally, I check daily and scouring the site’s forum for advice and support. 

Lastly, scholarship opportunities are endless. And you do not have to be a seasoned veteran with respect to the application process to be successful. My message to you, though you are most likely sick of hearing it by now. Apply, apply, and apply again, to scholarships. It will pay off!