scholarship tips

Scholarships 101: 8 Tips for Students

By Suzanne Tyson

1. Passion for the Subject

Only apply for an award if you actually have an interest in the subject matter. Your passion or disinterest will be reflected in your writing.

2. Research

Do the appropriate background work and find out exactly what a specific scholarship panel is looking for.  Read the rules and regulations/terms and conditions. 

3. Clarity of Thought

Be clear and concise. How you communicate is just as important as what you’re trying to communicate. Answer any essay questions and only provide relevant information. Do not go over the word limit count – some of your best work will be deleted if you do! 

4. Not a Résumé!

Your scholarship application essay is not a substitute for your résumé so don’t simply re-write your résumé in essay form. Don’t list, discuss!  Expand on your personal experience and clearly articulate your goals.

5. Structure, Spelling & Grammar

Be aware of proper essay structure. Always double-check your spelling and grammar and have someone proofread your work.

6. References

References should be professionals at your school or organization who can vouch for your participation.  Inform your references and make sure that their contact information is up-to-date. Assume that the scholarship administrator will check your references. 

7. Complete All Requirements

Follow the instructions and make sure that you have collected and provided all the required materials. Making a checklist of all the elements will help. 

8. Don’t Miss the Application Deadline, and Apply Early

Don’t procrastinate. Give yourself plenty of time to fill out the application and to gather required documents (reference letters and transcripts).

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