scholarship applications

Scholarship Applications: How to Manage Them as a Full-Time Student

By Kayla De Oliviera

Halfway through the school year, time seems like a necessity. Midterms, unit summatives, and everyday homework seem to double every day as a full-time student.  This means that your extra time has been limited, restricting your availability to complete scholarship applications. 

So how do you manage both scholarship applications and your everyday student responsibilities?  

Luckily, I have that answer for you.


This is the most important factor in making sure you get those applications done while also keeping up with all of your courses. Understanding your deadlines, workload, and free time is key. Keeping a journal or even a note on your phone with all your work and due dates will help you stay organized.  Once you know what you have to complete and when you have to complete it by, you will have a visual timeline. This means you will actually see the free time you have that can be dedicated to applying for scholarships!

Time Management

If you have an organized schedule, all you have to work on is managing your time in a way that allows all your work to get done. This means making sure you finish your due assignments first so that you will have enough time to complete applications later. It is also important to dedicate time specifically to scholarships.  Setting aside at least thirty minutes a night, or three hours a week will help you get a good portion of your scholarships done. Applying for scholarships doesn’t have to take up most of your time as long as you organize them efficiently. 

Avoiding Distractions

This is the final factor that will help you stay on track in school and allow you to complete applications. Being a student myself, I completely understand that breaks are needed. However, I also know what having distractions near me can do. 

So yes, put your phone away, even in another room if you have to, and allow yourself to work distraction-free. Working without distractions will allow you to get the job done in half the time. This is beneficial for completing applications early.

Even during such a busy time of the school year, it is possible for a full-time student to apply for scholarships! So, don’t let poor organization, time management, or restraint keep you from potentially winning free money!