national essay contest winners

National Essay Contest: Winners Spotlight


The National Essay Contest is open to all legal residents of Canada who are currently enrolled in a Canadian high school! Furthermore, the National Essay Contest winners receive scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $12,000.


Firstly, entrants must be in a Grade 10, 11, 12, secondaire IV, secondaire V, or Cégep 1 French program. Secondly, the National Essay Contest requires students to submit a completed entry form online between October and December. However, please keep in mind that if an entry form is not filled out fully, or not submitted during the Contest period, it will be rejected. Thirdly, participants must submit an original essay based on the topic that year. Also, this essay is written in French.

How do you enter?

For your chance to win, visit to fill out the form and submit your essay within the acceptance period. Additionally, include your top three choices for post-secondary institution scholarships. Lastly, indicate the category you best fit into (French First Language – FFL or French Second Language – FSL).

So, are you ready to apply? Then check out How To Apply And Win

Here is a glimpse of the 2019-2020 National Essay Contest Winners!

The topic for 2019-2020 was:

“On June 17th, 2019, Canada has declared a climate emergency. If you were put in charge of leading the government, how would you respond to this emergency?” 

Also, you can view their winning essays and post-secondary institution scholarships below.

French First Language (FFL)

Julianne Lacelle

julianne lacelle national essay contest winners

uOttawa, $12,000

Essay: Notre planète, notre problème, notre responsabilité

Liam Woolley 

liam woolley

Université de Montréal, $12,000

Essay: Notre planète qui meurt lentement

Brianne Moroz

national essay contest winners brianne moroz

Université de Saint-Boniface, $3,000

Essay: Maintenant ou jamais

David Ackah

david ackah

The University of British Columbia, $2,000

Essay: Ma vision d’un Canada réellement actif contre l’urgence climatique

Myriam Longtin

national essay contest winners myriam longtin

Collège Boréal, $2,000

Essay: Changement Climatique au Canada… Un problème urgent!

Ashton Johnstone

ashton johnstone

Collège de l’Île, $2,000

Essay: Gérer la crise du changement climatique

French Second Language (FSL)

Lily Constantino

national essay contest lily constantino

The University of Regina, $2,000

Essay: Notre gouverment embarrasant

Lena Dornan

lena dornan national essay contest winners

The University of Lethbridge, $2,000

Essay: L’urgence climatique au Canada

Megan Whynott

megan whynott

Université Simon Fraser, $2,500

Essay: L’urgence climatique : dissertation

Essiyah Weis

essiyah weis

The University of Alberta, $2,000

Essay: Le Canada, un leader du climat

Monique Ingram

monique ingram

York University, $5,000

Essay: Sauver la planète grâce au Canada

Mackenzie Lawrence

mackenzie lawrence additionally

Université de Moncton, $10,000

Essay: Le Recyclage

Regan Bilodeau

regan bilodeau national essay contest winners furthermore

Université Sainte Anne, $5,000

Essay: La réchauffement climatique au Canada

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