lost my scholarship

I Lost My Scholarship, Now What?


Alright, this is a big deal. If you’re truly losing a scholarship, I am sorry for you. It’s going to be tough and I’m sure there are many reasons why it happened. Some, or even all, of which could have been out of your control. Try not to beat yourself up. It won’t fix anything. If you lost your scholarship, I don’t have much advice other than to remind you that a positive attitude has scientific benefits (regarding brain chemistry) and, therefore, real-life consequences.

1) Are You 100% Sure You Lost Your Scholarship Fairly?

I’m not trying to give anyone false hope. But, the first step is to find out why so you can double-check. If they say your GPA fell below the level required, check it. Did your GPA fall that low? Are they using the same GPA requirement now as they did on the contract you signed? Everyone makes mistakes.

Perhaps your institution made a mistake on your transcript. Or the scholarship provider is trying to pull some kind of scam. It’s not incredibly likely, but it is possible.

TL;DR: Don’t get your hopes up, but do everything you can to make sure that you’re losing a scholarship for fair and correct reasons.

2) Think About Anything Else You’re Receiving

If you just lost a scholarship, and it isn’t your only one, now is the time to make sure you keep the others. Go back and look at all your other sources of income to make sure that they are secure. If they aren’t, do what you can to fix the problems before you lose the money. It could be helpful to get some outside advice on this. If your school has some kind of financial aid office, book an appointment.

TL;DR: If you lost some money, make sure you don’t lose other money.

3) Budget

This won’t be fun, but it will be useful. If you thought you were going to have this money, you were probably counting on it. Be aware of what you’re losing and figure out how it affects your future. Do what you can to mitigate the losses and budget accordingly. 

TL;DR: Figure out how this loss changes your life and try to reevaluate your plans.

What Do You Do Now?

As I said before, this will be tough. However, you might be surprised by how useful a positive attitude can be. It’s as simple as one person giving up and dropping out because they feel hopeless and another realizing that they qualify for a different scholarship, applying for it, and getting it, all because they felt like it might be possible. Think of any fight you’ve seen, from boxing to UFC: is it over in one blow? It can be but, usually, one blow is just one blow. You stand back up, keep fighting, and you might win. Do what you have to do to move forward.

If you’re not at risk of losing a scholarship yet, then make sure you don’t! Read the contracts, memorize or otherwise keep track of the requirements, and stay well above the lines. There’s no shame in being unable to keep your grades extremely high if you’re trying your best. However, there is something sad and unnecessary about losing huge sums of money because you were too hungover to perform on a test or because of your photos on social media.

Work hard, stay aware, and keep that cash!