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If You Think Your Roommate Is Bad…

  • Last year I had an evil housemate… She would leave her crap everywhere, leave her dishes piled up for over a week to the point that they got stuck to the counter. She … and her boyfriend would get rather loud… IF you know what I mean. She would have her music cranked up so loud that trying to study was just a feeble hope and the worst part about it was that when we (my other housemate and I) tried to talk to her she would get defensive and try and make us feel guilty! … AND at the beginning of the year, she lent my toaster out to one of her friends without even asking anyone! (Posted by: Siah)
  • I have the worst roommate horror story ever … I will call her Megan … From day 1, when I moved in, things weren’t going so well. There was never a “hi, I’m your roommate” conversation. Instead, I walk into Meghan and her boyfriend making out, and then discussing amongst each other how one of my other roommates is such a B … I was always under the impression that when you get a new roommate you at least acknowledge them. Things always had to be Meghan’s way. For example, there was a problem with the heating on my floor and all the ladies would be wearing tank tops and pajama shorts to try to stay cool. We would try to keep the windows open to let in some cool air, but Meghan was cold, so all the windows had to be shut. Not that she would even try putting more clothes on first. And she was always in our room, so no matter how hard we tried to keep them open, they would always be shut as soon as we left. I remember on several occasions at night my other roommate and I … would actually take our bedding and sleep in a different floor lounge just so we could sleep. It was so hot in our room. Meghan was also an intense studier. Now I respect the fact that some people are serious about getting good grades, but Meghan takes it to the extreme. The only time she left the room was to go to class and the washroom. Otherwise, she was studying. When Meghan studies, she likes it perfectly quiet. One day I was reading from my textbook and she comes over and tells me that I’m turning the pages too loudly. Typing on a keyboard was a death sentence and quietly playing music AT ALL was out of the question. That didn’t stop her though. At 7am, when every other decent first year is asleep, Meghan’s alarm would go off (really loudly, even on weekends) and then she would blast techno music for half an hour, then blow dry her hair … In addition, she had a list of exactly what time everything was going to happen in the day. Her snack times, pee breaks, stretch times, dinner, everything was on that little piece of paper, and it could not be changed. Sometimes we’d try to be nice roommates and ask her to come and get a snack with us and she would say, “sorry, I can’t, it’s not on the list”. She chews with her mouth open, her feet scrape across the floor as she walks in her flip flops and she snored. (Posted by: Malinka)
  • I have a roommate who made eggs in an electric frying pan 2 days ago and “left it to cool”. They’re still there, and she’s gone home since. (Posted by: cosstickxx)
  • My housemates (and I) have become serious slobs. Last year, we had one more roommate than we have now. He was a big slob, lived in our living room, threw his garbage on our living room floor, and just made a big mess everywhere. Rather than us improving him, he brought us down to his level. Although our place isn’t as bad now, it is still pretty bad. I know there are six garbage-filled grocery bags on our bathroom floor, someone’s underwear (apparently none of ours) shoved to the side of our hallway, a few loaves of moldy bread on our countertop, and a potato plant (some potatoes somehow managed to grow branches in one of our cupboards even though there was nothing else around). My two-year-ago self would not have tolerated the house I am living in now… I just gradually grew accustomed to its disgustingness. As gross as it is, and as annoying as it is for me, I can’t help but laugh about it sometimes. Finding the potato plant in one of our rarely used cupboards was definitely the crown achievement. In fact, we have kept it there just as a souvenir. (Posted by: mynameismattgotmlgo)
  • I’ve got 2 horror stories:
    First-year: We’ll call the crazy r-m “Janet” … She would cook all the time but leave all of her dirty dishes in the sink. Until the food on them rotted. Until there were no clean dishes left. And then she’d post notes saying that we hadn’t been doing our dishes and she had nothing to cook on. Then, she had a saxophone. She was just learning. Have you ever heard somebody try to LEARN the saxophone? It’s not pretty. Lots of awful squawking. Well, try listening to that at 8am on a Saturday. She also had a fiddle that she was learning. Not going to get into that one or I might cry. Twice during the year, Janet invited her dad to stay with her (read: us) for a couple of nights. She let him sleep on the couch. Without asking any of us if we minded. He was, I swear to god, the CREEPIEST man I’ve ever seen in my life … He would stare at me while I walked from my room to the kitchen, ate breakfast, and then either left or went back to my room … Finally, she got a (gross) boyfriend around February. They would have the loudest, grossest sex in her room (which was right beside mine) while everybody else was home. We would just leave the apartment usually because you couldn’t drown it out, and it was too awful to listen to.
    Second-year: I decided to live with a “stranger” so I found a roommate on a roommate search-engine-type thing. We’ll call her “Andrea”. Andrea seemed great to begin with – friendly, smart, we were in the same program, etc… Then I met her boyfriend. He essentially moved in. She gave him a key for the place (which was fine – my then-boyfriend-now-fiance had a key as well) and he would just walk in at all hours of the day without knocking. My bf always knocked before coming in. He would also only come over when I was home … Andrea’s bf would just wander over and watch TV, make food, etc while she was in class or at work. He used the place like it was his. THEN, he started walking around with his underwear on. Just briefs, that’s it. GROSS. (Posted by: Mullins)
  • I live with six boys who all seem to have a foot odor problem. (Posted by: Samantha)
  • My roommate has a cat that pees all over the place and scratches the walls (horrible sound). I would definitely do a meet and greet with my next potential roommate’s pets if they have any. Same roommate keeps putting off paying their share of utilities … They make food, leave dirty dishes/counter and then go away for the weekend. Keep in mind that sometimes when they go away, the cat has no food in the house or litter so I’ve got a moral debate over whether to starve the peeing machine or not. UGH. (Posted by: bigbadsheep)
  • When my cousin went for her first year, she didn’t know anyone going, so she was placed with another girl. She said the girl seemed nice enough but it turns out she was a germophobe. And every time she came in from doing something, she had to shower. Even if she just went down the hallway to knock on someone else’s door, she had to shower as soon as she got back. My cousin planned her showers around this girl and was pretty inconvenienced by her. One day the girl had a class cancelled so she returned to the room early – and my cousin was in the shower (she expected her to be in class) and started having like a mental breakdown. My cousin had to finish rinsing her hair in the sink. The girl asked if she wanted to room together next year because she had “been so accommodating”. My cousin respectfully declined. (Posted by: poeticallydemented)
  • My friend at Ryerson lives in a suite-style apartment with three other guys, and one was anal about the kitchen being kept clean, and my friend and the other guys were a bit more lax. So to drive home his point, the neat freak took all their dishes out of the sink and threw them into the garbage, and then took his own dishes and locked them in his room, so that my friend and the other guys were left with like one bowl, one glass, and two spoons to use between them all. Not so much a horror story, but something that would cause me to at least punch my roomie in the face. (Posted by: bigbadsheep)
  • My roommate from hell was basically paranoid, would easily get annoyed at people, and would take out her frustrations on everyone around her, regardless of whether they caused that particular annoyance … She was convinced that we were all out to get her and hated her (which eventually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy) …  She’d become convinced that small actions were something done specifically to bug her, to the point that she convinced herself that when there was no hot water one morning for her shower, it was because we had been up running water to ensure that there would be none for her shower, and not because the boiler was having issues and needed to be restarted. The same boiler eventually died (and took like 2 days to replace) and we left the oven on to generate some heat in the house (as the landlord suggested). I think she thought we were trying to burn the place down or something. (Posted by: Kaylya)
  • One of my friends went last year for her first year and she told me her roomie would go into her drawers when she wasn’t looking and take her clothes. Like, they would be in a bar and her roommate would be just wearing her shirt. (Posted by: poeticallydemented)
  • I had two friends who lived together. One would always wear the other’s clothes and put it back before he noticed it was missing. One day he rolled up the legs of a pair of jeans and forgot to unroll them before he put them back. BUSTED! (Posted by: ederthree)
  • I did have a terrible roommate when I studied abroad in Vienna for a summer. He would stumble in drunk at 3 am on a Tuesday with some girl, and then proceed to turn on the lights and vomit on the floor (which he didn’t clean up till noon the next day, forcing me to dodge it to get to the shower). (Posted by: Zion)
  • My friend had the most anti-social roommate in first year. She would never converse with anyone and stay in her room studying 24/7. I often hung around my friend’s place … and we never noticed her bringing anyone over. The most she would say is hi whenever I was over, and then quickly scurry off to her room to study. Since I was at my friend’s place a lot, I realized her roommate would stay within her room for hours on end. She wouldn’t even take washroom or eating breaks. When she would go to the washroom, she would take at least two hours before she thought about getting out … She also never cleaned up – her dirty dishes would always stay dirty, and her bed would often be littered with cut nails, bits of food, etc. (Posted by: seamoraine)
  • I loved student housing … [but] last year I had a man in my house (probably like 35+, not a student, and had 2 kids that would come over on weekends: hangover + kids = not fun). (Posted by: katiekmo)
  • I’ve had some friends with awfull roommates that have told me stories that blow my mind. This one girl didn’t even feel safe in her house because her roommate would bring home random shady looking guys all the time. She had to lock up her valuables! I had another friend who had a roommate that was so lazy he didn’t want to come upstairs from his bedroom to go to the washroom so he peed in milk jugs and had a bunch of them stored in his room for a while. Gross! (Posted by: Andrewiffic)
  • A buddy of mine last year roomed with this guy who just always ate her food. So instead of buying mayonnaise every day she started putting tuna in it because it was against his religion to eat fish! (Posted by: duck101)
  • I always steal a little bit of my roommate’s food when he’s not looking, but I justify it with the fact that he has to be stealing some of mine so it all works out in the end. (Posted by: FutureMillionaire)
  • My rooming experience ended when I accidentally chipped my roommate’s tooth with a bottle… (Posted by: MDjumic)
  • First-year, I had a roommate … She made me so miserable, and was so insane, that at the end of the year I trashed her side of the room so she’d have to pay a fee. (Posted by: Flag)
  • I only had 3 roommates I got along with out of the 8 roommates I had in 3 years. The roommates I didn’t get along with I would do whatever I could to get them in trouble even if it’s a minor violation and I either got them kicked out of residence or they couldn’t stand me any longer and they moved out. (Posted by: Riyko)