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How To Find The Right Scholarships For You

By Kayla De Oliviera

University and College applications have begun, and whether or not you have applied yet, there is still that one question waiting to be answered. How can you find scholarships? And most importantly, how can you find scholarships that suit you and your student career? The truth is, there is a scholarship for everyone. Including you. 

Whether you are someone who maintains high averages, volunteers outside of school, takes on leadership roles, participates in sports, or all of the above, you can find scholarships that fit you and your experience!

There are many types of awards.

Merit awards, athletic awards, volunteer service awards, academic awards, and even awards dedicated to financial need.

With that being said, with such variety, it can sometimes be hard to limit your options to find the right ones. The first step to finding the right scholarship for you is understanding what kind of student you are. Understand your strengths and experiences as a student to narrow down the scholarships you have the best shot at winning. 

For example, are you over your 40 service hours? Are you an active participant in school activities? This means you are probably most fit for a community service or leadership scholarship as you have the most qualifications to complete an application that stands out. 

An important thing to remember is that scholarships are not just for academics or leadership activities. The good thing about some scholarships is that you don’t have to be at the top of your class or an active volunteer to apply. 

So if you think you aren’t qualified enough for a scholarship, think again. 

Financial need and background scholarships are available for anyone who fits the criteria. Academic success and volunteer experience is not required to apply. There are a variety of these types of scholarships, creating many opportunities to help pay for your education.

Once you have decided what kind of student you are and what motivators you have for applying, your scholarship options will have narrowed down enough to fit you the best. 

Now, it will be up to you to decide which scholarships are worth completing, and the application process begins.