strong scholarship application

How To Create A Strong Scholarship Application

By Kayla De Oliviera

Scholarships are awesome.  Free money to pay for your education is pretty much a dream come true.  The problem, however, is that like yourself, students across the country will also be taking on these scholarship opportunities. This means that your chances of winning may be limited, and that is definitely nerve-wracking. 

So the main question you may be wondering is: how do you strengthen your chances of winning them? Here are a few tips for creating a strong scholarship application that will have you stand out. 

Find the Right Scholarships

Before beginning your scholarship application process, narrow down your scholarships to the ones you qualify for the most. So, find out what you have to offer and the scholarships that are rewarding people for those qualities. 

For example, are you a successful athletic student? If so, applying for athletic scholarships may provide you with the best chances of winning. Of course, don’t limit your scholarship applications to specifics, but general criteria will save you time and bump up your winning chances.

Sell Yourself 

Remember, a strong scholarship application is a chance to put yourself in the spotlight. Everything from your educational experiences, academic accomplishments, and volunteer service will help you stand out in a sea of other applicants.

This isn’t the time to be humble. In fact, this is the time to prove that you are a worthy candidate. Share all your experiences and prove that you are a well-rounded student. This is essential when applying for scholarships. 

Organization is Key

Most scholarships require some type of writing piece.  Although it is important to explain all your experiences (in order to stand out), it is crucial to stay away from a long and scattered application. Organizing your points in categories will help divide your experiences so that the writing piece is easy to read, and covers your special traits. This allows you to explain your qualities and prove your writing abilities. 

Include References

Although it is easy to sell yourself to the scholarship coordinators, the word of your teachers and supervisors will have much more weight in terms of accuracy and truth. Asking your teachers and supervisors for references allow the scholarship organization to see first hand what kind of student you are, and why you may deserve the scholarship you are applying for. These references may also reveal a part of you that you didn’t even realize. As a result, this strengthens your application and provides insight into who you are from an authoritative point of view.

With these four steps, you will be set for a strong scholarship application. What are you waiting for? Start raising your chances and research the right scholarship application!