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How Smaller Private Schools Can Benefit International Students


International students who come to Canada have so much to adapt to, and quickly! In some cases, they tackle a different language and attend school in an educational system that’s different from the one in their home country. These problems can be compounded in large public schools because students get lost in big classroom numbers. Smaller private schools offer attentive care so international students have an easier time integrating into Canadian society and the school community.

More Attention

In private schools, students don’t simply receive individual instruction time. Due to their smaller populations, it’s easier for students to stay under the watchful and caring eyes of school administrators and teachers. Therefore, it’s less likely for international students to fall under the radar and not receive the assistance they need. There will be a more close-knit group around them that pays attention.  In a small school environment, international students can be cared for by the entire community and find it easier to transition.

Familiar Faces

Class sizes are smaller in a private school. So it’s common for students to have multiple classes with the same classmates.  It can be comforting for a student to arrive at a new class and see at least one familiar face. Furthermore, the student becomes more familiar with others. Seeing the same people can feel less lonely. They are more likely to develop connections with students that they see throughout each day.

Having a larger social support system can make the experience more pleasant for international students. They’ll have people they can turn to for help or guidance. Additionally, close friends who are native to the country can assist with language development and cultural differences.

More Involvement

Private schools can offer a wealth of clubs and activities. Therefore, international students may find it easier to get involved in school sports teams, special interest groups, and afterschool programs.  Since there are fewer students to compete with for spots and because many activities require a set number of participants, there are more opportunities to become a member. Being a part of a school team or club helps to increase their social circles, involves them in the community, and offers a sense of belonging.

Small private schools offer many benefits to students. This includes more one-on-one attention, a rigorous curriculum, and a tight-knit community. However, for international students, private schools can offer more than that. It’s a place to meet new friends, experience Canadian culture, increase their English proficiency, and help to create a loving, nurturing, and exciting second home for international students who are far away from their first one.

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