geography exams

How Do I Prepare For and Write Geography Exams?

By Peter Ashmore and Jeff Hopkins

Examinations are intended to evaluate what students have learned during the course, not the amount of material they can cram into their heads during the few days or weeks prior to an exam. Every week or two during the term, review your geography lecture notes. For instance, show up to class a few minutes early and read over your notes from the previous lecture. Doing so will allow you to learn the material, not simply memorize it. After classes are over and the study/exam period has begun, create a study schedule that allows you to manage your time accordingly. Don’t cram for the exams one by one. Read over all of your geography course notes and identify which courses or lectures might require more study time.

Obviously, exams come at various times and days, and you’ll want to prioritize those courses accordingly. Get lots of sleep, eat properly, and take time to reward yourself during this period. Balance is the key.