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How Do I Find a Job to Pay for School?


Some students decide to work part-time during their studies and full-time during the summer. There are lots of opportunities out there for savvy students—it’s just a matter of knowing where and when to look for them.

Online Job Boards

Some, such as Service Canada’s Job Bank, have employment services tailored to students.

Company Websites

Scan the careers sections on sites of companies you’d like to work for. If you’ve had a job with a large company in your hometown, see if that company may be hiring at their branch in the city where you’ll be going to school.

Recruiting Campaigns for Large Projects or Major Employers

Many companies in the Alberta Oil Sands, for example, are looking to hire tradespeople at the journeyman and apprentice level. Veterans Affairs Canada, meanwhile, is a federal government agency seeking bright, post-secondary job candidates.

Employment Centers

Walk-in for advice and job leads at government centers, like Service Canada Centres for Youth, and school campus employment centers. Check often for new job postings.

Federal Student Work Experience Program (FWSEP)

These public service jobs for students aim to provide work experience related to your field of study. Investigate possibilities early—recruiting efforts for summer can begin as early as January. FSWEP also offers part-time work during the school year.


Ask family, friends, relatives, and acquaintances to keep your job search in mind.

Newspapers (City, Community, and Student Papers) and Bulletin Boards

These ads are seen by many people, so you’ll have more competition. On the other hand, since employers are paying to advertise, these jobs tend to be more challenging and better-paying.

Temporary Employment Agencies

If you have regular days off, this is particularly good for clerical-type office positions.

Seasonal/Holiday Hiring

Retail stores and restaurants, for example, need extra bodies for short periods of time. That can mean lots of hours and lots of cash!

Employment centers can often help you prepare a résumé. Before taking a part-time job, be sure to ask how flexible an employer is willing to be with your class and exam schedule.