psychology and criminology

Combining Psychology and Criminology in Preparation for Grad School

By Philip Smith

Combining interests in psychology and criminology is a concept that appeals to many students.  The good news is that you can do this at many universities. Some universities will not have full-fledged criminology departments. However, almost all will have course offerings in criminology or closely related to criminology. You can find these in other social science departments, including sociology and psychology. 

And, if you later decide that a focus on criminology is what you would like to pursue in graduate school, you will be in good shape. It’s common for criminology graduate programs to require either a criminology undergraduate major or a major in another social science (such as psychology).  So, you are free to explore your options! Just keep in mind whatever other criteria is important to you. And double-check in the calendar that, if there is no criminology department, there are courses in other social science departments.