kinesiology degree

How Do I Apply My Kinesiology Degree?

By Angela Thompson

There are a lot of choices when you graduate with a Kinesiology Degree. However, the question is what are you most interested in pursuing?

Career options

Personal trainer, kinesiologist, recreation director/program provider, government employee (re: physical activity promotion within the government structure), coach, police, RCMP, firefighter, fitness programmer and evaluator, sport management, assistant to athletic director at colleges/universities, fundraising for college/university sports teams, facility management, etc.

Career options that require further academic training

Physician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, physical and/or health education teacher, professor, chiropractic, naturopath, homeopath, dentist, nursing, etc.

Also, non-career options and volunteer work

Medical clinics (working with physiotherapists or occupational therapists), coaching minor sports programs (volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc.), physical activity programs (for individuals with and without disabilities, etc.)

So, where do you look for a job with a Kinesiology Degree?

Fitness and/or wellness centres; medical clinics; municipal or provincial recreation offices; municipal, provincial, or federal departments of health and wellness; professional and/or university sports teams; sport governing bodies; colleges; universities; etc.

Lastly, an HKIN degree can lead you ANYWHERE you want to go.