geography degree

How Do I Apply My Geography Degree?

By Clarke Thomson

In the case of graduates in the discipline of Geography, it depends on the area they chose to specialize in. If they chose the general area of Human Geography, many have had successful careers in Urban Planning, Market location positions, and Urban or Environmental Policy positions at any level of government.

On the other hand, if students chose to specialize in Physical Geography, they could apply for positions in Environmental Assessment. This would be for either governmental or private consulting agencies, or consulting firms interested in land assessment or soil analysis.  Some have worked for Environment Canada.

Graduates in Geography are trained to think, analyze and present their opinions in both a written or spoken format.  There is no reason they can’t apply for positions in just about any company, governmental or private. I have students employed by Bell and several different banks. Some go into accounting, library work, transportation companies, etc.  In these cases, students realize they have to sell themselves to the interviewer. Therefore, they take the time and effort to find out something significant about the agency before going to the interview.  It really depends on how the graduates sell themselves in any interview, regardless of the Geography discipline.