french degree

How Do I Apply My French Degree?

By Dana Paramskas

So, what can you do with a French degree? There are tons of options!

Career options:

  • teaching in immersion schools and teaching at post-secondary institutions
  • working with the Federal government in Canada
  • or working with international trade organizations
  • diplomacy, working with the various countries which belong to the francophonie
  • working with NGO’s in francophone countries such as Haïti, many African countries, areas with previous ties to France such as Vietnam, etc.
  • lastly, business contacts with Québec, France, francophone countries

Non-career options:

  • any volunteer work in countries in which French is an official language
  • additionally, assistance with immigrants from such countries
  • volunteer work in francophone areas of Canada

Places to look for a job:

  • Federal government website
  • any NGO website
  • ad in the newspaper which specifies knowledge of the language

Basically, there is a lot that can be done with a French degree.