computer science degree

How Do I Apply My Computer Science Degree?

By Hamzeh Roumani

Graduates with a Computer Science Degree or a Computer Engineering Degree often find employment within a few months of graduating. They work either with a technology-making company (such as IBM, Research In Motion, etc.). Or a technology-using company (such as banks, insurance companies, and manufacturers). Many of these companies send recruiters and hold job fairs on campus, so it is relatively easy to look for jobs. The jobs themselves are either technical (such as developers, network specialists, data specialists, web and mobile,. etc.) or in the people-technology interface area (such as analysts and solution architects).

Employment, however, is not the only option for these graduates. Some decide to pursue graduate studies in fields such as vision, robotics, sensor networks, data mining, and artificial intelligence. Others follow entrepreneurial paths and start their own companies. They develop software, web site design, embedded processors, consulting, and computing services.