prepare for university

Helping Your Student Prepare for University

By Nipissing University

As your student begins this journey they will need some wisdom to get started.  Here are some ideas of what your student might want to know before they arrive at post-secondary school in September:

1.  Budgeting/financial management skills. How much funding are they receiving? Will they have to work part-time to afford school/social life? How much should they set aside each month for various expenses?

2.  What services and resources are available at the university and how do I access those services? For some services, you may wish to contact them prior to arrival (ex. Disability Services, Aboriginal Services).

3.  Grocery shopping and cooking.  Knowing what to buy and how much can help your student stay on-budget.  Knowing how to cook will save them money because they will not be forced to eat take-out all the time.

4.  How to do laundry, clean the bathroom, vacuum, sweep, mop, do their own dishes, etc.

5.  Respect for the body’s need for proper nutrition, physical activity and sufficient rest.

6.  Interpersonal skills to help deal with roommates and new friendships.