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The Student Mega List of Websites Offering Free Courses and Certifications


By Natalie Cheung – Take advantage of all the websites offering free courses to help you add an extra something to your resume or satisfy your curiosity.

The first few weeks of social distancing have moved like a blur. Hopefully, you’re starting to settle into a routine. But if you’re currently sitting at home, looking for a way to take advantage of the extra time at home, have you considered taking a free online course? Whether you’re looking to add enrichment to your life or add a new certification to your resume, there’s a course here for you.

Free Courses Offering Free Certifications

These certifications can come in handy! For instance, the completion of  “Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups” from the University of Colorado backs up your claims of having soft skills. If you’re looking to become better prepared for a career, something like “Getting Started With AWS Machine Learning” might be for you. You’ll be required to keep up with coursework, finish assignments, and face quizzes to get certified…but these certifications can have serious real-world value.

Learn from Coursera

Completing any one of these 85 classes will get you certified for free, allowing you to put its completion on your resume. Their list of opportunities is here and once you select “purchase,” the free promotion will kick in. The offer expires in May 2020 and you have 180 days to complete it once you have it.

Learn from FutureLearn

FutureLearn is offering free certifications in fifty courses. FutureLearn’s classes encompass a wide range of topics: business, career development, and healthcare are among their selection. Check them out here.

Learn from Udacity

Udacity mainly focuses on technology and is offering free access to their nanodegree programs for a month. Please note that if you plan on taking more than a month to complete a program you will have to pay for the other months.

Learn from Canvas Network

Canvas is directed toward continued learning for educators. Learn more here. And make sure to pass this on if you have a teacher you think would appreciate it.

Learn from openSAP

openSAP’s courses are all free and focus on programming. Take part in their Digital Learning Initiative to up your skills in a fun way, no matter where you are.

Free Courses Without Free Certifications

These courses are also all free! However, you won’t be certified upon completion. Keep in mind that these courses nonetheless provide value as you’ll gain plenty of new knowledge.

Learn from Coursera

Coursera has an additional 1400 courses without any formal certifications that are completely free. This is the complete list you can explore.

Learn from eDX

eDX offers over 2800 different courses and was founded by Harvard and MIT. These classes cover a wide range of topics including sciences, business, computer science, math, law, music, philosophy, and literature. Take a look at the complete list of courses here.

Learn from Stanford

Get lessons from one of the most iconic schools around as Stanford can teach you about health & medicine, education, engineering, and arts & humanities. Find more information here.

Learn from Udemy

Udemy focuses on computer science, business, personal development, design, and business. All of their free courses are shown here.

Learn from FutureLearn

FutureLearn has hundreds more courses without any certifications concerning healthcare, teaching, politics, law, engineering, mental health, and history.

For more on choosing the right courses, specifically for your college or university, check out these student resources.