final decision

The Final Decision: Accepting Your Post-Secondary Offer

By Blanka Stepankova

The FINAL DECISION. Accept or decline? But, really, the process of reacting to your post-secondary offer can be a little overwhelming. Here are some simple guidelines that may help with your final decision.

Congratulate Yourself!

You were accepted and given an offer to a PSI! All this was the result of your hard work, patience, and applying (because let’s be honest, those applications test your limits). Before even starting the decision process, treat yourself. Get ice cream, get your nails done, or go for lunch. 

Make a List And Check It Twice

If you have multiple offers pending, make a list. Consider aspects that are most important to you such as the program, courses, cost, location, residence type, and meal plan to see where each PSI fits in. 

Mind The Date

Depending on the time of year you are accepted and given an offer, the date to accept the offer can vary. Double-check the date(s) for each PSI and schedule them in your calendar (I’m talking to all those procrastinators out there!). 

Think Of Business, Bro

Keeping the decision process simple is the healthiest thing. By thinking of the PSI as a business, you can reflect more objectively. Would you invest in it, join their board, or buy their product?

Ask Around

If you know anyone who went to the PSI, by all means, ask them about their experience and opinion! Most people love talking about where they went to college or university and would love to share some insight with you. Never hesitate to get advice — whether it’s from a school counsellor or parent.

I hope these little things help with accepting your post-secondary offer. The decision process can be challenging. So believe in yourself and think about what YOU want. For more insights, check out 5 Things To Consider When Applying To Post-Secondary.