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Easy Undergraduate Grants to Apply For at The University of Toronto


If you are looking for assistance in funding your education and academic endeavors, the University of Toronto offers undergraduate grants to students. Some undergraduate grants automatically consider students as an applicant, while many more require extra effort. Now is the time to apply. If you are a University of Toronto student, you may be eligible for a few undergraduate grants. Please note that this guide will only be addressing awards that take the form of an undergraduate grant (a grant is an award that you are not required to pay back).

As you receive grants, you should keep a record of them and disclose this information during tax season. So, let’s begin!

1) Emergency Financial Assistance Grants.

It is important to plan ahead. Sometimes, no matter what you do, a financial crisis is on the horizon. This can be difficult to navigate. It also increases student stress. Therefore, the University of Toronto has different emergency grants for each situation:

  1. a) OSAP: The Ontario Student Assistance Program is a mix of government-issued grants and loans. To figure out what percentage of grant you are eligible for, fill out their application. Once you have applied and qualified for OSAP, you are automatically considered for further funding. That is the easy part!
  2. b) UTAPS: The University of Toronto Financial Aid is for full-time students who are given the maximum governmental assistance, but are still unable to cover their university costs. Essentially, they are here to help you with additional financing.
    c) The Noah Meltz Program of Financial Assistance: This nonrepayable grant assists undergraduate students in certificate, degree, and diploma programs. As long as they are there on a part-time basis. This will also cover books and transportation costs. Apply online and review the full eligibility requirements at future.utoronto.ca.
  3. d) Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities: Discover programs and grants that fund your education. 

2) The University of Toronto Faculty Association Undergraduate Tuition Grant

Both full-time and part-time students of the University of Toronto are eligible. They must demonstrate reasonable grounds for financial need and have academic merit as well. 

3) The University of Toronto Student Union Undergraduate Grant

This grant considers students who are full-time and demonstrate a reasonable financial need. Students should also have reasonable involvement in extracurriculars within the university community. Additionally, they must reach the minimum academic requirement. International and domestic students can apply to this grant.

4) The Kordellas-Tripp Foundation Awards

These grants involve two different awards. One is designated for undergraduate nursing students. The other is for undergraduate engineering students. If this applies to you, then you’re already a step closer to finishing the application. Elaborate on why you need this award. Most importantly, provide a personal statement on how society should function through the scope and values of humanism.

5) The Nortel Institute Undergraduate Scholarship

This grant requires candidates to be undergraduate students and Canadian residents or permanent residents of Ontario. They must demonstrate a need for financial help and academic merit. Students must also be in their second or third year of study in one of the following faculties:

  • Arts and Science
  • Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
  • The University of Toronto Mississauga or Scarborough

6) The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

Applicants work in representational styles of art such as painting, drawing, and sculpting. In addition, they are in the developmental stages of their career in the field of art. Fill out the application. More information will be posted shortly.

7) The Dan Leckie City of Toronto Award

This award, like many others, is available every year. Graduate and undergraduate students are eligible. To apply, you must be a Canadian citizen and a resident of the city of Toronto. On top of this, if you are an undergraduate or graduate in the areas of:

  • the Division of the Environment;
  • Community Studies; or
  • fields that relate to these such as Political Science, Health Science, Education, Economics, or Sociology.

Then you should consider applying for this grant. Students must also demonstrate financial need in their applications.

8) The Donald Forster Award

This will reward a student who demonstrates a significant contribution to governance at the University of Toronto. Whether it be through student activities or other forms of involvement. An average of a B is required for consideration. While the financial need may be considered, it is not a determining factor during selection.

9) APUS Bursaries

The Association of Part-Time Undergraduate Students awards is for part-time students, no matter what they are studying. It involves financial need, which is determined by Enrolment Services. 

10) The Beata Fitzpatrick Award

The University of Toronto offers grants for administrative staff. Also, for this award, you must demonstrate reasonable financial need in the application.

11) The University of Toronto International Scholar Award

This grant is based on academic merit. Additionally, it is renewable for three years if you keep up the good work! International students in their undergraduate program can apply.
Eligible students include those of the:

  • Faculty of Arts and Science
  • Rotman Commerce
  • Applied Science and Engineering
  • UTM
  • UTSC

What’s great about this one is, you are automatically considered for it (how easy)! 

12) The Kurt Rohac Award

Lastly, this grant requires you to be an undergraduate student in your first year of study at the University of Toronto. However, you must be able to demonstrate reasonable financial need alongside academic merit. So, fill out the awards profile and wait for an answer, simple as that.

Currently, https://future.utoronto.ca/finances is the active link for these awards and more. Furthermore, the University of Toronto is pleased to announce the release of the Award Explorer online, where you can search a vast database of undergraduate grants.

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