Congratulations to the Ted Rogers Scholarships Class of 2020


The Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund is on a mission to empower youth through education and they’re giving away more than 400 scholarships for post-secondary education in Fall 2020. Find out how you could be the newest member of their next scholarship class.

Here’s the thing, as one of the biggest scholarship funds in Canada, it’s also, surprisingly, one of the toughest to get accepted for. That’s because you can’t actually apply for these scholarships. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still help you get nominated.

What Is the Scholarship?

Believing in the potential of youth and empowering them through education, the Ted Rogers Scholarships awarded nearly $1 million to their 2020 recipients. No matter the discipline, from arts to science, engineering to trades, the goal of the fund is simple: to help young people pursue their dreams.

Each year, the Ted Rogers Scholarships reward the recipients chosen through their community partners with $2,500 per year for their entire program (up to $10,000). Since 2017, they’ve given out over $6.5 million to 1,400 students.

Newest Winners

In such a year of massive uncertainty, these scholarships have offered a group of graduating students the hope that they’ll be able to discover their potential and strengthen the communities around them. You can watch some of these winners as they react to finding out they’ve won a scholarship right here.

What It Takes to Win

Officially, eligible applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Additionally, they must be a participant of one of several Rogers’ community partners, and entering into full-time studies in a first bachelor degree, diploma program, or trades program at a Canadian university, college, or trades school.

The key part of this is that recipients are identified by Rogers’ community partners. Meaning there’s no formal application process, instead, you are identified by one of these partners based on your community leadership.

Partners include organizations like YMCA Canada, Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, and more. Scroll to the bottom of this page to check out their full list of partners and get involved if you want to be considered for one of these awards.

Important Dates

The scholarship Class of 2020 has already been selected but they will start looking for the Class of 2021 in their near future. If you’re interested, pay close attention to their community partners for more information on the process.

Final Thoughts

If you are a student participating in one of Rogers’ community partners, then you’re the kind of young leader they are looking to reward. It might not be a traditional scholarship application process, but we’re always big fans of Canadian students getting help to pursue their educational dreams.