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The Complete List of Entrance Scholarships at Canadian Colleges and Universities


First thing’s first—congratulations! You’ve made the decision to pursue higher education in Canada. Did you know that most colleges and universities will automatically consider you for a whole stack of entrance scholarships based on the school or program you’re applying to, as well as your grades coming out of high school?

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of funding is awarded through automatic consideration. Now, post-secondary institutions vary wildly in what’s available, with some offering many tiers of scholarships and others actually requiring you submit something to be considered.

So check out our handy guide to see what’s on offer at schools across Canada; we’ve collected all the links you’ll need to compare the offerings at every school you’re considering.

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Ambrose University College ($2,000)

  • Got a minimum 75% (3.0 CGPA) on Ambrose admission requirements? You’re in luck. These scholarships are available to transfer and high school students automatically with admission (no application required). Learn more by clicking here.

Athabasca University (Varies)

  • Intended to encourage new students of Indigenous ancestry to apply to an AU undergraduate degree or certificate program. Learn more by clicking here.

Grant MacEwan University ($20,000 ($5,000/year))

  • Based on your high school grades, you can earn up to $5,000/year! Learn more by clicking here.

Keyano College ($1,000)

  • Depending on a number of considerations, such as academic merit or leadership qualities, to name a few, students attending Keyano College may be eligible to receive $1,000. Learn more by clicking here.

Lakeland College (Must Apply)

  • Lakeland College offers several entrance awards.​ After you’ve been accepted, you’ll be sent a link to an online application form. Learn more by clicking here.

Lethbridge College (Must Apply)

  • Lethbridge College offers a wide array of entrance scholarship. With just one online application, you can apply for all of the awards and scholarships that you qualify for at Lethbridge College. A few minutes of your time can help fund your future. Learn more by clicking here.

Red Deer College ($1,000)

  • Are you entering the first year of a program at RDC? Or are you are a current student who is changing programs and will be considered a first year student in your new program? You might be eligible to earn $1,000 towards your tuition! Learn more by clicking here.

Mount Royal University ($1,000)

  • If your academic achievement is -90% in top two Group A subjects (competitive admission average) and 80% final average on five appropriate courses, you could earn $1,000 towards your tuition. There’s also another 180 awards for you to consider. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Alberta ($30,000 ($7,500/year))

  • Did you know that 1 in 5 first-year students at the University of Alberta receive a scholarship? Learn more by clicking here.

University of Calgary ($1,000)

  • Offered annually to undergraduate students in any faculty entering first year directly from high school, Based on admission average calculated by the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Learn more by clicking here.

British Columbia

Alexander College ($1,300)

  • Academic scholarships reward outstanding achievement in a specific discipline (e.g. commerce, psychology, etc.). Scholarships are offered in each major term (Fall, Winter, Spring). Learn more by clicking here.

Camosun College ($2,000)

  • Entrance awards are given to outstanding students entering a full-time Camosun College credential program. All Entrance awards are adjudicated on a competitive basis. Entrance bursaries are given to students entering full time studies at Camosun College. Entrance bursaries are normally based on financial need and additional criteria. Learn more by clicking here.

Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Full Tuition)

  • As an incoming student, you may be eligible for an entrance scholarship at Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Their scholarship programs are designed to attract the best-qualified prospects and to recognize applicants with high academic achievement and artistic potential. A limited number of entrance scholarships are offered for local and international students beginning their studies at Emily Carr. Learn more by clicking here.

Simon Fraser University ($2,500 to $25,000)

  • Financial aid is available to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and International Citizens who are coming from high school, college, or university here in Simon Fraser University. To view all available scholarships, awards, bursaries and other funding, click here.

Sprott Shaw College ($4,000)

  • Passing It Forward Scholarship: $1,500 towards tuition cost. Open to those who are interested in a career in the childcare and education sectors. Learn more about scholarships and grants in Sprott Shaw College, click here.

Thompson Rivers University ($5,000)

  • The Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship recognize documented exemplary leadership and community service combined with solid academic performance based on secondary school averages in the core subjects. Award of $30,000 (renewable over four years), find out more in Thompson Rivers University, click here.

Trinity Western University ($7,200)

  • Trinity Western’s financial aid program includes merit and need-based aid. About 97% of their students receive some form of financial aid, so take a look and see what opportunities are available for you, click here.

University of British Columbia ($5,000)

  • You will be eligible for UBC’s Presidential Scholars Award (formerly the Major Entrance Scholarship), including a one-time award of approximately $5,000, and renewable awards of up to $80,000 payable over four years. Learn more about them and click here.

University of Canada West ($4,000)

  • This scholarship is open to students with leadership potential in a global business environment demonstrated through both exceptional academic achievement and an established track record of excellence in their chosen career. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Northern British Columbia (Variable)

  • Applying for admission now will permit students to have time for a provisional offer of admission to be sent to them, which will then enable them to apply for the Early Entrance Awards (President’s Silver Anniversary Award for Excellence in Leadership, and the UNBC Leadership Award) that have a “leadership component”. Learn more over here.

University of Victoria ($3,000/year)

  • UVic offers a number of entrance scholarships each year, including non-renewable scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 and renewable scholarships of up to $26,000 payable over four years, to academically outstanding new students who have applied for admission. All UVic entrance scholarships require a minimum of 85% (secondary school) or a 7.5/9.0 (transfer UVic scale) admission average unless otherwise specified in the terms of reference of the scholarship. For more detailed information, please visit here.


Booth University College ($2,000)

  • In addition to an entrance scholarship that’s available to all incoming high school students with a high school average grade of at least 80%, Booth University College also offers the incredible President’s Entrance Scholarship. Learn more by clicking here.

Brandon University ($2,000)

  • Acknowledging the effort required to excel academically in high school, Brandon University automatically considers applicants from accredited Canadian high schools for Board of Governors (BoG) Entrance Scholarships. Learn more here.

Canadian Mennonite University ($3,000)

  • Academic Entrance Scholarships are given to full-time students on the basis of academic achievement in high school. No application for these scholarships is necessary. See all the details here.

University of Manitoba ($3,000)

  • Entrance scholarships are awarded to students graduating from a Canadian high school with outstanding academic averages. Three scholarship levels have been set, with the prerequisite average for each tier and corresponding scholarship amount determined on a yearly basis. See full details here.

University of Winnipeg ($2,250)

  • The Special Entrance Scholarships are automatically offered to Grade 12 graduating students coming directly from a high school in Canada, and to international students from the United States, or those studying Canadian curriculum abroad. These scholarships are offered without the necessity of a scholarship application. Learn more by clicking here.

New Brunswick

Crandall University ($2,000)

  • These guaranteed entrance scholarships reward high school applicants who demonstrate academic excellence. Canadian applicants with a minimum admission average of 80%, as determined by the Admissions and Financial Awards Office, automatically qualify for a scholarship for full-time studies. Applicants with higher averages are awarded larger scholarships. Learn more by clicking here.

Kingswood University ($16,000 ($4,000/year)

  • Providing scholarships is part of how Kingswood University makes education very affordable for their students. For students enrolling at Kingswood, they offer our presidential scholarships (valued up to $4,000), along with other entrance scholarships. Get more details here.

Mount Allison University ($20,000)

  • Mount Allison’s entrance scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated: extracurricular involvement, leadership experience, community service, work/internship experience as well as academic transcripts. Get all the information here.

St. Stephen’s University ($1,500)

  • If you have achieved an average of 80% or higher during high school you will receive an entrance scholarship to SSU. SSU calculates an average based on your best five university preparation courses in grade 12. See the different tiers you can earn here.

St. Thomas University ($5,000)

  • More than half of first-year students hold an entrance scholarship at St. Thomas University, and one in eight holds a renewable scholarship ranging in value from $9,000 to $75,000. See what you’re eligible for here.

University of New Brunswick (Must Apply)

  • Last year, 1 in 2 students entering UNB received a scholarship! The UNB entrance scholarship application covers the majority of UNB scholarships ($500-$52,000) available to Canadian and international high school applicants who are beginning an undergraduate degree on either campus. Learn more here.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Memorial University of Newfoundland ($2,250 or $1,275)

  • Each spring, Memorial University offers a limited number of entrance scholarships to qualifying Canadian students enrolled in Newfoundland and Labrador High Schools. Learn more by clicking here.

Nova Scotia

Acadia University (Must Apply)

  • Acadia recognizes and rewards achievement and potential, and they make it easy to apply. When you apply to an Acadia undergraduate program, you will automatically be considered for an entrance scholarship. Get full details here.

Cape Breton University (Must Apply)

  • Through the efforts of donors, $1.8 million in scholarships are offered to students entering CBU each year. Students entering direct from high school or through articulation agreement partners are considered for entrance scholarships based on their academic grades. Learn more.

Dalhousie University (Must Apply)

  • If you’re applying to Dalhousie directly from high school, complete the general entrance award application. You will be considered for the majority of entrance awards and bursaries; however some awards still need a separate application. Get the full details here.

Mount Saint Vincent University (Variable)

  • There are several valuable and prestigious automatic consideration awards that you can qualify for if you’re applying to Mount Saint Vincent University. Head over to this page to learn more.

NSCAD University ($6,000/year)

  • When you apply for admission to NSCAD, you are automatically considered for Entrance Scholarships. The current range of individual entrance scholarships is $500 to $6000 and some awards are renewable for each of four years of study, making their top award approximately $25000! After each year of study at NSCAD, more scholarships will be available for application by qualified students. Learn more here.

Saint Mary’s University (Variable)

  • Saint Mary’s University rewards academic excellence with over $6.3 million dedicated to student scholarships annually. There are a number of programs that reward students for academic strength or help those in financial need. Click here for more details.

Saint Francis Xavier University ($3,000/year)

  • StFX is founded on the values of academic excellence, leadership, and service to others. They’ve got a combination of general and province-based entrance scholarships that reflects these qualities by recognizing students’ achievements and assisting them financially in their efforts to obtain a quality education. Get all of the details here.

University of King’s College ($3,500)

  • King’s offers generous unlimited and guaranteed Entrance Scholarships for all new domestic and international high school students.  The scholarship will be based on your final, overall high school average as calculated for admission. Learn more by clicking here.


Algoma University ($16,000 ($4,000/year))

  • Admission scholarships are awarded primarily on the basis of academic performance. There’s a number of entrance scholarships that are automatically awarded, with no application required, to scholars entering Algoma University directly from a recognized Canadian high school curriculum. See the full list here.

Algonquin College ($1,000)

  • Algonquin College offers a $1,000 entrance scholarship for full-time students participating in non-collaborative degree programs. If you have a grade 12 GPA of 80% or higher you may be eligible! Click here for more details.

Brock University ($16,000 ($4,000/year))

  • Depending on your grades, there’s a combination of Brock awards and bursaries that can make your education at Brock affordable and manageable. Learn about them here.

Carleton University ($16,000 ($4,000/year))

  • If you have been admitted to Carleton with an admissions average of 80% or better, you will automatically be considered for a renewable entrance scholarship at the time of admission. Read more about this here.

Fanshawe College (Variable)

  • Various entrance scholarships are available to recent high school grads who have accepted their offer of admission at Fanshawe. While some require applications, many do not and are based on overall admission average and specific program of enrolment. Learn more here.

Humber College ($4,000/year)

  • Humber’s Bachelor’s Degree scholarships are automatically available to students coming directly from high school/secondary school studies (who are non-transfer students eg. those who have not attended other colleges or universities or studied in Humber’s EAP program). The amount awarded to each student depends on academic achievement. Click here for more details.

The King’s University College ($3,500)

  • King’s offers generous unlimited and guaranteed Entrance Scholarships for all new domestic and international high school students.  The scholarship will be based on your final, overall high school average as calculated for admission. Click here for more details.

Lakehead University (Full Tuition)

  • Lakehead University provides over $11 million annually to students in the form of scholarships, bursaries and awards. Their Entrance Scholarships recognizes the hard work and effort future students put into their studies, prior to enrolling at Lakehead. Take a closer look at the various Entrance Scholarships & Awards available to you as a new student to Lakehead here.

Loyalist College ($500)

  • Loyalist entrance scholarships are typically based on high school academics and application confirmation dates. Domestic students starting in January with an 85% average in high school will be emailed directly about this bursary once they confirm admission. Click here for more details.

Laurentian University ($16,000 ($4,000/year))

  • Laurentian has some of the most generous scholarship and bursary offerings across Canada. And there’s a number of entrance awards available to them, based mostly on academic merit. Click here for full details.

McMaster University ($2,500/year)

  • Entrance Awards are monetary awards allocated on the basis of academic merit and, in some cases, other forms of earned merit. Entrance Awards are available to students admitted full-time on the basis of high school admission requirements. Entrance Awards are available to students entering Level I of their first baccalaureate degree program. Learn more by clicking here.

Niagara College ($500)

  • When you confirm your offer of admission and are approved for OSAP by August 4 (for a September start), December 8 (for a January start), or April 19, 2022 (for a May start), you’re automatically considered for an entrance bursary of $500. Learn more here.

Nipissing University (Free Tuition)

  • No applicati​on is required:  If you have the marks you’ll receive the scholarship. Head over here to learn more.

OCAD University ($5,000)

  • All new, full-time, first-entry undergraduate students enrolling in first year for the 2020/2021 academic year will be automatically considered for entrance scholarships and awards ranging from $500 – $5000 each. Entrance scholarships are given on the basis of academic merit as demonstrated by high school average as well as admission portfolio/assignment submissions. Learn more over here.

Queen’s University ($4,000)

  • No application is required for these awards. Recipients of these scholarships will be selected automatically based on academic achievement alone. By applying for admission to Queen’s all eligible applicants are automatically considered for a grades-based admission scholarship. Click here to learn more.

Redeemer University ($2,000 ($500 to $1,000) annually)

  • Redeemer wants to recognize incoming students for their previous academic achievements. Incoming first-entry students are automatically considered for several entrance scholarships at admission and are renewable each year. Learn more here.

Ryerson University ($4,000/year)

  • Ryerson University recognizes the academic achievements of the first-year class upon admission to the university with over $7 million designated for entrance scholarship support. Get all the details here.

Saint Paul University ($3,500/year)

  • Saint Paul University offers renewable admission scholarships for the entire program duration (4 years). These admissions scholarships, whose value ranges from $2,000 to $14,000, based on the following scale, are offered to any candidate (Canadians, permanent residents and international students) from recognized high schools and colleges only. Learn more by clicking here.

Seneca College ($4,000 ($1,000/year))

  • Students enrolled in any of Seneca’s degree programs can qualify for a renewable scholarship that awards students up to $4,000 per year based on their Grade 12 grades or grades from another postsecondary program. Click here to find out what scholarship you may be automatically eligible for.

Trent University ($3,000/year)

  • Trent’s National Entrance Scholarships are available for Canadian students entering an undergraduate program directly from a Canadian secondary school with an admission average of 80% or higher. Applications are not required for the National Entrance Scholarships and they are renewable for up to 4 years of full-time study. Learn more by clicking here.

Tyndale University ($2,500/year)

  • The President’s Scholarship is an entrance scholarship awarded automatically to every qualified new full-time Seminary student who is accepted into MDiv and MTS programs at Tyndale and meet the GPA requirements (77% average or higher). Learn more by clicking here.

University of Guelph ($3,000)

  • All Canadian citizens/PR entering the 1st semester of post-secondary studies for the first time with a minimum 85.0% admission average applying to the University of Guelph are automatically considered for a University of Guelph Entrance Scholarship. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Ontario Institute of Technology ($4,000/year)

  • Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) offers a number of scholarships and bursaries to help students in need. You could be awarded a scholarship from the university based on academic achievement as well as personal excellence. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Ottawa ($4,000/year)

  • The University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship automatically provides between $1,000 and $4,000 to all eligible full-time students with an average of 80% or more who are studying in a direct-entry faculty or in the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section. No application is required for this scholarship; all eligible students are automatically considered for this award. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Toronto ($3,000)

  • U of T has comprehensive scholarship programs that recognize outstanding achievement at different levels of study. The university, its colleges, faculties and divisions award approximately 4,500 admission scholarships that total nearly $20 million and nearly 5,000 in-course awards each year. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Waterloo ($2,000)

  • Entrance scholarships are available if you’re starting full-time first-year degree studies and, in September 2020, are beginning post-secondary studies for the first time. These scholarships are available to students in all programs. They’ll automatically consider any student with an admission average of over 85% for these awards. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Western Ontario ($3,500)

  • Western’s Admission Scholarships are automatically awarded upon admission to Western. No application is required to be considered for these scholarships. Students with an average of 90% or more can earn at least $2,500 and up to $3,500 with an average over 92%. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Windsor ($4,000/year—$2,000/term)

  • No matter what program you choose, you will be guaranteed a minimum level of institutional financial support in the form of scholarships and/or bursaries if you are entering directly from full-time secondary school studies, based on your application for admission and best six final and interim Grade 12 U/M level courses (or equivalent) available in May. Learn more by clicking here.

Wilfrid Laurier University ($5,000/year)

  • Awards are available to students who are entering their first year of any undergraduate program and who have never previously attended a postsecondary institution. Based on program and entry average, students can earn up to $5,000 a year. Learn more by clicking here.

York University ($3,500/year)

  • The York University Automatic Entrance Scholarships are awarded to secondary school students applying to a direct-entry undergraduate program who are Canadian citizens, permanent residents or protected persons and have completed their secondary school diploma with high academic standing (80% average or higher). Learn more by clicking here.

Prince Edward Island

University of PEI ($3,000)

  • Eligible students entering UPEI directly from high school in their graduating year will automatically qualify for a Guaranteed Entrance Scholarship based on their Grade 12 average, ranging in value from $500-$3,000. Learn more by clicking here.


Bishop’s University ($8,000)

  • Each year approximately 62% of their student body receives financial assistance in some form ranging from $500-$20,000. To be considered, all you need to do is complete your online application for admissions by March 1st and have all your supporting documents submitted no later than March 15th. Learn more by clicking here.

Concordia University ($20,000 total—$5,000/year)

  • The University Entrance Scholarship program provides guaranteed renewable scholarships to high school students who present a minimum award average of 75%. Scholarships vary in value according to the applicant’s award average. Learn more by clicking here.

McGill University ($3,000/year)

  • Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships are available to students entering McGill University for the first time in a full-time undergraduate degree program. Students with a minimum 95% average will be considered for the $3,000 entrance scholarship. Additionally, you can apply for renewable scholarships worth up to $12,000. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Saint Boniface ($2,500)

  • Every year, Université de Saint-Boniface grants a substantial number of scholarships to first-year students enrolled in a university or college program at USB. If you have an average of at least 80% and apply by March 1, you can receive anywhere from $750 to $2,500. Learn more by clicking here.


First Nations University of Canada ($3,000)

  • Students are eligible for all awards offered by both the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina, with applications due at either the end of February or October. Aboriginal students—make sure to search the Aboriginal Bursary Widget for a list of more than 680 bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada. Learn more by clicking here.

Great Plains College ($5,000)

  • For the 2020-21 academic year, students are automatically considered for an Entrance Scholarship when they apply to a full-time student loan-eligible program before the scholarship deadline. Students could receive up to $5,000 a year based on academic achievement. For more details click here.

University of Regina ($3,000)

  • All undergraduate students who apply for admission for the Fall semester are automatically considered for these scholarships based on your admission. Students with an average of 85% or higher stand to automatically receive anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 based on your grades. Learn more by clicking here.

University of Saskatchewan ($3,000)

  • USask wants to recognize your academic achievements and personal accomplishments, starting with their Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships when you apply for admission. An admission average of 85% will earn you $500, with more scholarships ranging up to $3,000 if your average is 95% or higher. Learn more by clicking here.

There you have it—the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of automatic entrance scholarships available to students applying to Canadian colleges and universities. Here at Student Awards, we’re passionate about one thing and one thing only: helping you find funding for education.

This article will be constantly updated so let us know if you come across other automatic entrance scholarships in the wild that you’d like us to break down for you or you find a scholarship listed that’s no longer available and we’ll get it updated ASAP!