applying for scholarships

Common Thoughts About Applying for Scholarships


There are many common thoughts and ways of looking at scholarships at various stages in the application process. Let’s explore some of these points, and why they may not be entirely factual.

“The odds aren’t in my favour”

If everybody acted on this thought, no one would ever win a scholarship. Someone has to win, and even though a scholarship may be national, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try.

You will always be ahead of those who don’t, even if you aren’t “the one.” Additionally, applications are often quite demanding, so students can be easily deterred from applying. However, if you create a work plan and give yourself ample time to complete it, you could be the winner of a scholarship that few applied for because “It was too much work”. 

“I shouldn’t take the opportunity away from someone else”

Disclaimer: Obviously, if you don’t qualify for the scholarship, don’t apply!

This point is for students who are hesitant to apply for scholarships because they think someone else deserves them more.

However, judges give all students fair chances while choosing applicants, so if you win, why feel badly about it? You were judged the same as everyone else.

If that means you get more scholarships than somebody, and you won honestly, so be it. You are not a greedy person for winning, you are a hardworking person whom the judges decided on!

“I have to apply to all the scholarships I can find!”

Yes, applying to numerous scholarships is fantastic and gives you more chances to win, but at the same time, overexerting yourself can be detrimental to your mental health and ultimately, hurt your chances of winning.

For example, if over a short period of time you pound out as many applications as you can, you may find yourself becoming increasingly tired along the way. This can greatly affect the quality of your submissions. Taking breaks from the scholarship hamster wheel can be very beneficial to regain your energy. You’ll be able to present information clearer on applications in the near future. 

Overall fam, know that the odds can be in your favour and you deserve to win just as much as everyone else. And taking breaks will prevent you from experiencing scholarship application burnout. If you’re having strange thoughts, know you’re not alone.

Good luck, you hardworking peeps!