person holding backpack with both hands wearing yellow sweater, choosing a university

Choosing a University the Right Distance from Home


Choosing a university is a huge decision. One thing to decide when determining where to apply is how close you want to live to your family.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Your Choices

By attending a school in your hometown or in a town nearby, you may be able to live at home. This will save money on rent. Even if you do not live at home, going to school near your family will let you see them regularly. Therefore, if there is an emergency, a family member can be there to help you. If you attend post-secondary near your hometown, you are also likely to have classes with some of your high school classmates. This can help to make the transition easier.

Unfortunately, living at home or near your family can have its disadvantages too. If you are living at home, your parents may expect you home at a specific time. Even if you do not have an official curfew. You will also miss out on social opportunities offered by the dorms or through university apartment complexes. Even if you do live on-campus, you may find your family obligations conflicting with your socializing.

Ultimately, choosing a university that is an hour or more away from your family, but still in the same province or territory, allows you the freedom to live independently while allowing you to see your family often. And on your terms.

Finding Distance

Many students decide to go to school on the other side of the country, or at least several hours away from their hometown. If you are close to your family, then moving across the country may be a difficult transition. It does offer more independence, and if you are willing to consider post-secondary schools farther from home, then you will have more options.

In the end, if you are unsure how far you want to move, apply to a variety of schools. When possible, visit the campuses and see how comfortable you feel there. Is this somewhere you could imagine living for the next four years? If not, pick a different one.

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