Career Profile: Sport Coordinator

sport coordinator bicycle against blue background
Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven on Unsplash

Name: Greg Rawson

Career: Sport Coordinator, Ontario Cycling Association (OCA)

Education: Durham College – 3-year Sport Management Degree

Career Path

Greg Rawson was never a strong student in high school and was better suited towards alternative, hands-on learning. He always loved cycling and was extremely drawn to the Sport Management program at Durham. After attending an information session, he saw that the degree would allow him to keep his options open. He could get into business or pair it with a university degree while also doing something he enjoyed. For Greg, college was the perfect option since it provided him with two years of applied learning and one year of practical experience through an internship.


The summer before his internship, Greg contacted OCA to see if they had any volunteer positions available. He ended up getting a job there instead, which guaranteed him an internship for his third year. In terms of internship options, he advises students to complete them in four months rather than eight months working part-time. That way you won’t miss anything important and you’ll get used to the flow of the company. After school, Greg was hired back by OCA, and he continues to work there as a Sport Coordinator. In his position, he looks after safety, insurance, rules, and sanction for every bicycle event in Ontario.

Advice for Students

As a child, Greg wanted to be an airline pilot and has always felt the urge to travel. He went to Asia for two months in between school and work and had a truly eye-opening experience. Greg would recommend travelling to all the students who are able to. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it to gain a new perspective on your life and on the world. He thought very hard about his strengths and interests while making decisions, and he is extremely satisfied with the path he chose. He will continue to work in the industry and as long as he’s still making mistakes, he’ll be happy in his position. The minute he stops, he’ll move on to new challenges.