avoiding freshman 15

Avoiding the Dreaded “Freshman 15”


The following tips, originally posted at the Student Awards Forum, were contributed by students in our membership.

Q.  So, I hear that we gain 15 pounds during the first year of university … how can that be avoided? (Posted by: emlang)

A.  I actually lost weight during my freshman year even though I didn’t work out on purpose. In high school, I got a ride to and from school every day whereas when I was living on campus, I walked everywhere. And I lived in a suite-style so I had a kitchen and cooked my own food often or brought food from home rather than eating campus food all the time. The main reason why people do gain weight is from eating greasy caf food, so if you have access to a kitchen, use it. The second reason is probably drinking like a fish, alcohol is full of calories. I have a friend who was really skinny and lanky all throughout high school but even he developed a beer belly in first year. Join the school gym if you want to keep in shape … (Posted by: inthemaking)

Keep yourself busy. If you aren’t you will, like so many other people, simply eat out of boredom. (Posted by: JJohnson93)

I found I gained about 5 pounds from the start of school until the Christmas break, which wasn’t so bad because I was walking to all of my classes.  If you’re not really athletic still try to walk everywhere and be conscious of what you eat. I find that if you’re on a meal plan, it is a lot easier to gain weight because not all schools … have good food and meal plans.  If your meal plan isn’t mandatory and you have time during your class schedule to cook your own food I would for sure suggest it. Because that way you know what you are eating, you actually SAVE money and you can choose how healthy you want to be! (Posted by: mmyers12)

Hey! I’m midway through the second semester, and I’ve found I’ve lost weight without working out or anything! The easiest way was just to drink water as opposed to coke/juice/beer (of course you can drink alcohol on special occasions but remember it is packing the calories!).  Also, I don’t keep snacks in my room. A lot of people have varying opinions on this, but I find that if I have snacks around, I eat them all at once. If I’m really hungry, I can go out and get food, but if I’m just eating out of boredom, then going out in the middle of the night in the middle of winter isn’t that fun. (Posted by: cmcneil92)

I walk partway to school every day that I have school. It wakes me up a little for my first class and keeps me refreshed for when I’m heading back home. When I got lazy and took the bus for 2 weeks I felt less healthy and less energetic. (Posted by: NOIZmaker)

Most universities have at least some healthy choices so eat that instead of fast food. (Posted by: Tessa)

I’ve always found bringing snacks with me to class like apples or carrots helps a lot. Then I don’t have an excuse to pick up something unhealthy at the cafeteria. (Posted by: amandatulumello)

I feared the freshman 15 like you wouldn’t imagine. I’ve actually lost close to 20 pounds since September. All I’ve done is eat wisely. Healthy food isn’t that expensive. And if you are eating with a meal plan there are healthy options.  Last semester I went to the gym almost daily, although this semester limits my ability to do that. I take the stairs and walk the long way back to my residence building. (Posted by: mellaniedoode)

As a freshman in college I always laughed at the idea of gaining the horrid ‘freshman 15’. But now after being in college for the last 6 months, I’m afraid my worst fear has caught up to me and landed right around the lower part of my abdomen … I’ve signed up at the campus gym with a buddy and workout every day after class and have cut down on eating out at restaurants and fast food places. I’m slowly seeing results, and soon enough I will be back to a healthy weight and a healthy body figure. The idea of getting fit is to have a plan and to not do it alone, no matter what the situation, everything is always better with a buddy! (Posted by: shelby16)

Keep yourself busy with sports, workout at the gym with friends, take walks around campus, go out once in a while, etc. Avoid drinking and late-night fast food nights. Fast food is loaded with empty calories. Bring a water jug everywhere. Often people eat because they have mistaken their thirst for hunger.  Practice healthy lifestyle habits at home to prepare yourself for university. Eat healthy, small portions and stop eating when you’re satisfied. It’s okay to have some chocolate or candy once in a while, but small portions are best. (Posted by: al1993)

Do some exercises before bed and when you wake up that don’t require equipment (lunges, pushups, squats, planks…). It’ll take like 5 minutes. (Posted by: bobbobby)