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4 Student-Friendly Places to Study


The perfect study spot is closer than you think!

In your average household, distractions make it an unsuitable environment for studying. From loud siblings, dogs barking and poor wifi, many students don’t consider their home “student-friendly.” This is why students search for a good place to get their work done. Well, look no further, 4 Student-Friendly Places to Study are just a scroll away. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some of these spaces and services may be closed. Please check beforehand to see if they are open and abide by the restrictions in place.

The Local Library

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a library?

Silence. The one thing every student needs when studying. 

For years, libraries have been popular study places for students around the world. This is probably because a library has resources to effectively study: computers, wifi, desk space, and silence. The most popular library in Toronto is the Toronto Reference Library located at 789 Yonge Street. It’s one of the biggest libraries in the city and is widely known for its unique architectural design. I highly recommend this library because it is a larger space, which means there’s a good chance of finding an empty desk. Also, a place that big will likely have any book your heart desires. 


This might not be the best idea due to the weather, but the outdoors is a great place to study. Go to a local park or maybe there’s a beautiful nature trail near your house. Wherever you choose to go, you’ll, without a doubt, receive vitamin D and fresh air while studying. 

One of my favourite parks in the city is High Park located at 1873 Bloor Street West. It’s a huge park with many places to curl up with your textbook and take in the nature around you. I’ve been many times, but the best time to go is in spring during cherry blossoms season. Or during autumn with the crisp air.

If you’re an outdoorsy person and enjoy nature, try studying at your local park. Bring a picnic blanket to lay on!

The Local Bookstore

Do you know what people do at a bookstore? They read. 

It’s the perfect place to sit down with your course material and get valuable study time in. However, there might not always be seats available. So, if sitting amongst the shelves is something you’re okay with, I suggest you try studying at your local bookstore. 

I recommend large bookstores such as Indigo and Chapters. Smaller bookstores might not be as inviting or have enough space to accommodate you. Also, please keep safety precautions in mind during COVID-19.

A Cafe

This list couldn’t be complete without a local coffee shop. Curl up with a hot coffee and study for hours without distractions. Tim Hortons and Starbucks are highly favoured by students. They have comfortable seating options, wifi, and coffee. Everything you need for an effective study session. 

These are only a few student-friendly study locations, but the possibilities are endless. I believe anywhere can be seen as the perfect study spot. Therefore, find the place that works best for you and start studying.

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