Volunteer School Ambassador Scholarship

Love Caravan
December 31, 2022

Our Vision

Love Caravan has been a BC-registered Non-profit since 2015. We strive to raise more public awareness of intergenerational connection and establish a custom of respecting and caring for seniors among younger generations.

We believe a lot of senior-related social issues such as senior social isolation and the generation gap will be solved naturally from the root if we can pass this custom on generation by generation.

Our Mission

  • Fostering Respect and Care for Seniors.
  • Youth Character Development & Education.
  • Cultural Preservation & Transmission.
  • Facilitating Diversity.

This scholarship is for those youths that believe in our mission and are driven to be a contributor in our cause.

How to Apply

An individual is eligible to receive this scholarship by meeting the following:

  • Currently attending a secondary school and between the ages of thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) inclusive;
  • Volunteering with Love Caravan;
  • Volunteered at least 6 events hosted by Love Caravan;
  • Help Love Caravan liaise with student clubs, school teachers, parent committee, school district office etc.
  • Help Love Caravan promote volunteering events and recruit normal volunteers.
  • Referred at least 7 skilled volunteers (Performers, photographers, filmmakers, event host, event planner, content creator, public speaker, etc.);
  • Has demonstrated outstanding passion and support in spreading awareness about the importance of bridging the intergenerational gap between youths and seniors.
  • Apart from meeting the eligibility requirements stated above, selection of award recipients will be at the sole discretion of the Love Caravan Scholarship Selection Committee.

Note: Interested applicants do not have to to be already volunteering with Love Caravan as we are always open to new volunteers to reach out if interested in receiving this scholarship. We also encourage you to visit our website https://www.lovecaravan.ca/ to find out more about the organization.