Valour Canada History and Heritage Scholarship

Valour Canada
June 12, 2024

The aim of Valour Canada’s History and Heritage Scholarship is to support Canadian students in their post-secondary educational pursuits in an engaging, thought-provoking, and memorable manner. The student who creates the best essay and video response to the question provided below will be awarded a $1,500 scholarship to be put towards their post-secondary education. The runner-up will receive a $500 scholarship.

Visit a local Canadian war memorial or monument and analyze its historical context, significance, and current meaning. Finish with a brief discussion about the role of Canadian war memorials in the 21st century.


How to Apply

  • The Valour Canada History and Heritage Scholarship (VCHHS) contest is open to all Canadian citizens or permanent residents residing in Canada, excluding residents of Quebec, who are younger than 21 years old prior to 11:59 PM (EST), June 30, 2024. This is to accommodate students who take a gap year. There will not be regional allocation of scholarships. No purchase necessary for contest entry.
  • Eligible persons must not have attended a post-secondary education institution at any time between September 1, 2023, and August 14, 2024.

Students must create and submit the following two items to enter the scholarship contest:

  1. one or two paragraph introductory document that explains why you chose to apply for Valour Canada’s History and Heritage Scholarship (.doc or .pdf format please). This will not be evaluated.
  2. YouTube-compatible video between four and six minutes long that educates viewers about your chosen memorial, monument, or place (see the question below). Your video should open with a still screen title page that includes: the video title, your name, your town/city, and your school. Your video should close with a still screen showing your references (as per Chicago-style formatting requirements).

Note: Regarding the video submission, applicants can provide a link to a Dropbox folder, Google Drive, or similar, that holds the finished video file. MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR VIDEO AT A HIGH RESOLUTION, but please smaller than 1 GB.

The Essay Question:

Visit a local Canadian war memorial, monument, or important place. Describe it, then compare and contrast its historical context with your opinion of its current meaning. Finish with some commentary about the role of Canadian war memorials in the 21st century

Your response should reference at least two of Valour Canada’s six pillars of character (communication, cooperation, courage, responsibility, resilience, thoughtfulness).

Both the introductory document and the video must be received by email to Valour Canada by 23:59, June 12th, 2024 (EST). If after all evaluations are completed, your entry is found to deserve an award, a potential winner must provide a signed ELIGIBILITY & LIABILITY/PUBLICITY RELEASE, proof of age, and proof of enrolment. (For more on eligibility requirements, please refer to the “Eligibility Package”).

Evaluation Criteria:

A submission’s final grade consists solely of the video score (100% of final grade). For a more-detailed description of the criteria for the essay and the video, please see the provided rubric.

Please ensure that Chicago style referencing is employed for any resources used in your response. Use THIS TOOL ( Plagiarism is unacceptable and will result in disqualification.