Tanner Craswell and Mitch MacLean Bursary

Baseball P.E.I.
June 24, 2022

Awarded to a student/player intending to pursue his baseball career along with his education at a baseball academy/institution outside of the province of Prince Edward Island. This player, who in the judgment of the Baseball PEI Bursary Committee, best demonstrates characteristics of leadership, commitment to the sport of baseball and has a strong value for education.

This bursary has been created by Baseball PEI to honour the lives of Tanner Craswell and Mitch MacLean and their contribution to the sport of baseball in the Province of PEI. As well this bursary intends to assist a deserving Island baseball player who demonstrates the love and enjoyment for the game, self-motivated energy and willingness to do the extras, influences teammates positively, and compete with a never-ending desire to win. Tanner and Mitch were outstanding players with different strengths but a similar passion for baseball. Their teammates look at them for leadership on and off the playing field.

How to Apply

  • Any PEI resident who has been registered with Baseball PEI for a minimum of three years.
  • Must be intending to pursue a baseball career at an out of province academy/institution with a focus on player development.
  • Must have displayed diligence in player development throughout their minor baseball years.
  • Must have demonstrated leadership qualities with his/her Provincial Team(s).
  • Must be of good character and moral standing.
  • A letter describing the applicant’s baseball history including any regional or national involvement along with performance results from the mentioned competitions.
  • Two letters of reference: one from a coach of a PEI Provincial Team and one from a non-family member.
  • A one-page essay (250 words) about why the applicant should be considered for this bursary and any other information to enhance the application. 
  • Submit, sign and date all required paperwork as noted above by 24 June 2022 to:
  • Judged by Baseball PEI Bursary Committee
  • Best demonstrates characteristics of leadership, and commitment to the sport of baseball and has a strong value for education.
  • Winner announced on July 6, 2022