Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program

Support Our Troops
July 21, 2022

Due to the unique circumstances of military life, funds for pursuing post-secondary education are a significant barrier for many Canadian Forces families. The National Scholarship Program works to remove some of those barriers. In 2021, $180,000 was distributed through 85 scholarships to military family members.

How to Apply

  • Dependents (includes spouse) of a serving or former member of the Canadian Armed Forces; including bereaved dependents of CAF members
  • Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada;
  • Enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or vocational program, at an accredited Canadian college or university, leading to a degree, diploma or certificate.
  • Study abroad program: you are eligible to apply for a scholarship provided the study abroad program is included in the course curriculum of your school.
  • If you or a member of your family (parent, guardian, or spouse) is an employee, director, or officer of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS) or its subsidiaries, you are not eligible for a scholarship.
  • Currently serving Canadian Armed Forces members are not eligible, except for Primary Reserve members of Manitoba.
  • Proof of enrollment from an academic institution
    • Institution name
    • Student name
    • Program name and length of program
    • Program start date
  • Most recent academic transcript
    • An official or unofficial transcript is acceptable. If taken from an online student portal, your transcript must include your name, date, program and institution name.
    • Applicants are encouraged to submit their most recent academic document for evaluation.
    • If your transcript is not available at the time of submission, please upload a word document stating that you will send it via email as soon as it is available. Follow-up transcripts should be sent to (Subject line: Applicant’s Name – Transcript) and it will be filed accordingly.
  • A reference letter
    • Your reference letter should be written by someone who knows you well and can accurately tell us more about you and why you deserve this scholarship. They can speak to your:
      • Character
      • Volunteer service
      • Academic commitment
    • If your referee agrees to write you a reference letter, please ask them to write a maximum one-page letter of reference addressed to the Support Our Troops 2022 Scholarship Application Committee and to include their name and current contact information.
    • *Please note that for the purpose of this scholarship application, your selected referee should not be a family member.
  • A point-form list of volunteer/civic engagement activities
    • Provide a list (in point form) of your civic engagement and volunteer work (paid/unpaid community activities you have participated in) with a short description of each.
    • Consider including activities such as:
      • Helped with or worked at an event or events
      • Worked/volunteered as a lifeguard
      • Worked as a camp counselor
      • Volunteered or worked at a community organization in any capacity
    • Tell us about your experiences, even if you are not sure they count. We are looking for well-rounded applicants.
  • A three-part essay (see instructions below)
    • Please provide an essay that answers each of the following three questions. Each question response should not exceed 150 words, for a total word count of no more than 450 words. All answers must be typed & submitted in a PDF or MS Word or Google Document.
    • Question 1: Describe how your connection to military life has helped to shape and prepare you for the future. 
    • Question 2: Discuss your academic and career goals and explain how you plan to achieve them.
    • Question 3: Please indicate, and then discuss, any challenges you currently encounter or may experience while pursuing your educational goals
      •  Special Needs
      • An ill or injured family member
      • Financial support
      • Applicant’s mental health
      • Posting/deployment
      • Other, Please specify
  • Question 1: Connection
    • Applicant describes connection to military and how it has helped to shape and prepare them for future
  • Question 2: Goals
    • Applicant discusses academic and career goals and how they plan to achieve them
  • Question 3: Challenges
    • Applicant indicates and discusses any challenges they currently encounter or may experience while pursuing their educational goals
  • Writing style, sentence structure and word choice
    • Applicant’s use of sentence structure, control of word choice and writing style
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • Applicant’s use of grammar, spelling and punctuation