Spin Master Future Of Play Digital Games Scholarship

Spin Master
July 01, 2022

At Spin Master, everyone is welcome in our sandbox. We value differences and are dedicated to building an environment where people feel valued, respected and supported. To support this objective, we are giving students from underrepresented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ or women) the opportunity to hone their trade and be a part of the next generation of creators, inventors, designers and entrepreneurs in children’s entertainment.

The Spin Master Future of Play Scholarship Program will provide eight aspiring creators from underrepresented communities in Canada and the US with access to post-secondary education within their fields in the 2022/2023 academic year. On top of financial support for their studies, these students will also have the chance to grow through mentorship opportunities with Spin Master employees and a summer internship.

About the Scholarship:

The scholarship is open to candidates who demonstrate a passion for digital games and have applied to a full-time program within Canada. You will receive $12,500 to support you during the first year of your studies. The award is renewable for the duration of your program provided you receive an average grade of 80% in each year of study. Upon successful completion of your first year of the program (with a minimum average grade of 80%), you will receive an opportunity to interview for an internship with Spin Master.


How to Apply

Who should apply?

• You are a candidate who has completed high school and are planning to apply for your first year of studies. We will not be accepting applications from candidates who have already completed a year of a program.
• You have applied to an accredited post-secondary institution to study digital game design or a related field (you will need to provide proof of acceptance before we release the funds).
• You are legally able to reside in the country of study.
• You identify as a member of an underrepresented community (I.e. women, LGBTQIA+, BIPOC) and have financial need.
• Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applications from children of Spin Master employees.

How will you apply?

To apply for the scholarship, you need to:
• Prepare a letter of motivation (500 words or less) that tells us which institution you’re going to study at, what this scholarship means to you, why you have chosen to study digital game design and what your dream career is.
• Provide one letter of reference from a teacher or art instructor.
• Provide us with a few examples of your creative work or a link to a website where we can see what you have created.

Send your completed applications to donations@spinmaster.com by July 1, 2022.

Candidates selected to move forward will be invited to participate in the interview process.