Commitment to Communities Sean Jackson Scholarship

April 30, 2024

Meridian’s Commitment to Communities Sean Jackson Scholarship recognizes and rewards community initiative, innovation and impact among Ontario youth. Each year, we award one leading post-secondary scholarship to a high school graduate who has demonstrated both academic excellence and an outstanding commitment to communities of their own.

Meridian is interested in hearing from students who are using energy, creativity and entrepreneurship to solve or address a vital problem in their community. Whether they are advocating for youth literacy or creating a solution for blue box lids, our past scholarship winners have made a demonstrated community impact.

How to Apply

  • The Scholarship is open to secondary students entering any field of study who meet the following criteria:
    • The student must be an Ontario resident
    • The student must be planning to enter their first year of study in the fall academic term at a recognized, publicly funded Canadian college or university (must not have graduated more than 12 months prior to application)
    • The student must have achieved an academic average of 80 per cent or higher
    • The student must have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to their community. This can be achieved through volunteerism that demonstrates leadership, initiative and innovation
  • Applications are accepted between March 1 and April 30.
  • Official Transcripts (most recent): All students should be able to access their Term 1 grades on
  • 3 short essays:
    • One 200 word (1,200 character) essay on your post-secondary education goals.
    • One 200 word (1,200 characater) essay on your long term career goals.
    • One 500 word (3,000 character) essay describing your outstanding commitment to community:
      • Why you became involved in this community project.
      • How long you have been involved.
      • How your involvement in the project shows initiative.
      • How your involvement in the project shows innovation.
      • How your involvement in the project shows leadership.
      • What impact your project has on your community—how was the success of your project determined.
      • What you have learned from your involvement in this project.
      • What actions have you taken to ensure this project will continue.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation (if you are unable to get your letters of recommendation in time due to the impact of COVID-19 on schools or community organizations, please upload a document with the contact information for each reference). Should you make it to the final round, we will contact your references at that time.
    • One letter of recommendation from school (written and signed by a principal, teacher or guidance counsellor) that speaks to your academic and school accomplishments.
    • One letter of recommendation from community group (signed) that speaks to your community impact.
  • Optional documents: Proof of post-secondary education acceptance.
  • When saving your documents, please name them using the following conventions: Last Name, First Name, Document name (e.g. Smith, John, Transcript; Smith, John, Letter of Recommendation; etc.)

Judging Criteria


  • The application of creativity; turning an idea into a solution that is novel and adds value
  • Has solved (or is working to solve) a critical issue in their community


  • Entrepreneurial spirit that is motivated to help create or establish something a program, project or event to impact change
  • Is involved in multiple projects, programs, challenges and/or social issues
  • Focuses on bigger picture, or social issues outside their immediate affiliations


  • Engages others in their work in a meaningful and collaborative way
  • Mentors or coaches others
  • Has made effort to ensure project/programs etc. continues after they are involved


  • Can be any physical, secular community of which anyone can be a part (i.e. school, town, province etc.)